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EUROCONTROL Safety Alerts are generated to inform aviation professionals of important safety matters that have been identified. There are three types of Safety Alert:

  • Safety Warning Message: RED ALERT - an issue of immediate safety concern.
  • Safety Reminder Message: BLUE ALERT - a known issue which requires renewed awareness, and
  • Request for Support Message BROWN ALERT - an issue for which the community is seeking a solution.
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The Latest Safety Alerts

Safety Reminder Message.gif Use of AT PILOTS DISCRETION and WHEN READY - verbal climb and descent clearances 28 July 2014
Request for Support Message.gif Use of aerodrome Tower VHF frequency by vehicle drivers involved in runway operations 24 June 2014
Request for Support Message.gif Post-incident withdrawal of air traffic controllers from control positions 26 March 2014
Safety Warning Message.gif Avoidance of High Altitude Ice Crystal Icing Conditions - FAA Airworthiness Directive, No 2013-24-01 - Potential Implications for ATC 20 December 2013
Safety Reminder Message.gif Adverse weather deviations - ATC clearance and pilot and controller actions 5 August 2013
For more information on Safety Alerts, and how to subscribe to receive them by email, click here

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Safety Warning Message Safety Reminder Message Request for Support Message