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Go-Around Safety

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The Go-Around Safety Forum

In June 2013 a Go-Around Safety Forum was held to achieve consensus on the way forward to improve go-around safety. The event was held in Partnership with ECAST, ICAO, IFATCA, UK CAA, BEA (France), UK NATS, IATA, ECA and DGAC (France).

Go-Around Safety Resources on SKYbrary

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SKYbrary Bookshelf References

  • "Being Prepared for Go-Around" - Airbus Flight Operations Briefing Note, April 2008
  • Study on Aeroplane State Awareness during Go-Around - an English translation of a Study by BEA based on the results of closed investigations conducted by the BEA or by other non-French investigation authorities. Appendices which have not been translated into English are:
    • Appendix 1: List of ASAGA-type events from various international databases
    • Appendix 2: Table describing events
    • Appendix 3: Statistical analyses of simulator sessions
    • Appendix 4: Selection of accounts from the survey
    • Appendix 5: Example of flight dossier provided to crews
    • Appendix 6: Real scenario played out on simulator