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2016 Safety Forum/Agenda

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2016 Safety Forum: Safety Nets

Presented by the Flight Safety Foundation, EUROCONTROL and the European Regions Airline Association.


07 June 2016

1130-1245 - REGISTRATION
1200-1245 - Buffet Lunch (offered)
1245-1250 - Forum opening, Tzvetomir Blajev, Chairman Flight Safety Foundation European Advisory Committee (EAC)
Safety Forum Guest of Honour: Jim Burin, Capt US Navy (Retd), Flight Safety Foundation Fellow, SKYbrary Content Manager
1250-1330 - Opening Session'
Session Chair: Antonio Licu, EUROCONTROL
  • Keynote - Joe Sultana, Director Network Manager EUROCONTROL
  • Keynote - Gretchen Haskins, Member of FSF Board of Governors
  • Keynote - Simon McNamara, Director General ERA
  • Introduction to the Forum Scope, Objectives and Process - Captain Ed Pooley, Event Organising Committee Chairman
1330-1515 Plenary Session 1: Safety Nets in Context
Session Chair: Captain Harry Nelson
  • “Safety Nets: Primary or Secondary Defences? Does it Matter?” - Dr Kathy Abbot, Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor, FAA
  • “Next Generation Flight Safety Systems: A Business and Corporate Aircraft Perspective” - Dr Ratan Khatwa, Senior Chief Engineer - Human Factors, Honeywell International
  • “Threat & Error Management Strategies for Key Operational Risk Area Mitigation” – Captain Andrew Elbert, Ryanair
  • “Airline Safety Nets” - Captain Mattias Pak and Captain Bertrand de Courville, IATA
1555-1825 Plenary Session 2: Runway Safety
Session Chair: Captain Andre Vernay
  • “Runway Safety Nets” – James Fee, Air Traffic Organisation Safety and Technical Training- Manager, FAA
  • “GARDS: a Go-Around Detection System implemented at Schiphol Airport” – Mariska Roerdink, Strategy & Performance, LVNL - Air Traffic Control the Netherlands
  • “ROPS: an active safety net for runway overruns” – Logan Jones, Runway Safety Specialist, Airbus
  • “Ground safety nets to enhance safety performance; shared threat management” – Jean-Marc Flon, General Manager ATS, Paris CDG
  • “Protecting your landing against overruns” - Captain Wolfgang Starke, European Cockpit Association
  • “Landing and Take-off Area Incursions and Excursions: A Rotorcraft Perspective” – Joseph Obioma and Ana Belak, Bristow Group
1825 - Presentation of Flight Safety Foundation President's Citation
1830 - End OF DAY 1

08 June 2016

0900-1040 Plenary Session 3: Flight Operations - En Route Safety
Session Chair: Captain Pascal Kremer
  • “Alerting Design of COOPANS Impact to Air Traffic Controllers’ Situation Awareness and Response to Critical Events” - Peter Kearney, Director ATM Operations and Strategy, Irish Aviation Authority and Dr Wen-Chin Li Cranfield University
  • “New Controller Safety Nets – from concept to implementation” – Roger Lane, EUROCONTROL
  • “Airborne and Ground Based Safety Nets make a positive difference in ATM Safety - Application in Real Time Operations & Operational Monitoring“ - Antonio Licu, Dr. Frederic Lieutaud, EUROCONTROL and partners (ENAV, Deep Blue)
  • “Collision Avoidance and Safety Nets at Maastricht UAC” - Volker Stuhlsatz, MUAC EUROCONTROL
1040-1115 - COFFEE
1115-1300 - Break-out sessions
Session 1

Safety Nets in Context

Session 2

Runway Safety

Session 3

En route Safety

Session Co-Chair:

Captain Wolfgang Starke

Session Co-Chair:

Richard Lawrence

Session Co-Chair:

Dai Whittingham

Session Co-Chair:

Jean-Jacques Speyer

Session Co-Chair:

Karen Bolton

Session Co-Chair:

Stan Drozdowski

1300-1400 - Buffet Lunch (offered)
1400-1500 - Findings and "Action Opportunities"
Session Chair: Captain Pascal Kremer
  • 1400-1415 Session 1 Co-Chairs' Report
  • 1415-1430 Session 2 Co-Chairs' Report
  • 1430-1445 Session 3 Co-Chairs' Report
  • 1445-1500 Summary of endorsed findings and conclusions
1500 - Forum Closing
Forum Posters
  • “Maximising safety nets effectiveness through design, evaluation and in-service monitoring” - Marietta Kean, Diana Franganillo, and Jason Cawdron, NATS
  • “Safety Nets in Real Time Simulation” - Adrian Gizdavu, EUROCONTROL
  • “Pilot-in-charge Monitored Approach “ – Captain Steve Last
  • “Area Proximity Warning” - Arife Aycan Mutlu, General Directorate Of State Airports Authority, Turkey

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