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Papua New Guinea

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Territory information
Name Papua New Guinea
Territory code AY PG.gif
Region Asia and Pacific


Papua New Guinea, officially Independent State of Papua New Guinea, has Port Moresby as its capital

Airports in Papua New Guinea

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Accidents in Papua New Guinea

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Operators based in Papua New Guinea

Airport listing of Papua New Guinea

Buka AirportBuka Island11 feet3.353 m <br />BukaNorth Solomons
Chimbu AirportKundiawa4,974 feet1,516.075 m <br />Chimbu
Daru AirportDaru20 feet6.096 m <br />Western
Girua AirportGirua311 feet94.793 m <br />Northern
Goroka AirportGoroka5,282 feet1,609.954 m <br />Eastern Highlands
Gurney AirportGurney88 feet26.822 m <br />Milne Bay
Kavieng AirportKavieng7 feet2.134 m <br />New Ireland
Kerema AirportKerema10 feet3.048 m <br />Gulf
Kikori AirportKikori50 feet15.24 m <br />Gulf
Kimbe AirportHoskins66 feet20.117 m <br />West New Britain
Kiunga AirportKiunga88 feet26.822 m <br />Western
Kokoda AirportKokoda1,430 feet435.864 m <br />KokodaNorthern
Lae Nadzab AirportLae239 feet72.847 m <br />NadzabMorobe
Madang AirportMadang20 feet6.096 m <br />MadangMadang
Mendi AirportMendi5,680 feet1,731.264 m <br />Southern Highlands
Misima Island AirportMisima Island26 feet7.925 m <br />Milne Bay
Momote AirportMomote12 feet3.658 m <br />Manus
Moro AirportMoro2,740 feet835.152 m <br />Southern Highlands
Mount Hagen Kagamuga AirportMount Hagen5,388 feet1,642.262 m <br />Western Highlands
Port Moresby/Jacksons International AirportPort Moresby146 feet44.501 m <br />Port MoresbyNational Capital
Tabubil AirportTabubil1,570 feet478.536 m <br />TabubilWestern
Tari AirportTari5,500 feet1,676.4 m <br />Southern Highlands
Tokua AirportTokua32 feet9.754 m <br />East New Britain
Vanimo AirportVanimo10 feet3.048 m <br />Sandaun
Wapenamanda AirportWapenamanda5,889 feet1,794.967 m <br />Enga
Wewak International AirportWewak19 feet5.791 m <br />East Sepik