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Territory information
Name Pakistan
Territory code OP PK.gif
Region Asia and Pacific


Pakistan, officially Islamic Republic of Pakistan, has Islamabad as its capital

Airports in Pakistan

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Accidents in Pakistan

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Operators based in Pakistan

Airport listing of Pakistan

Allama Iqbal International AirportLahore698 feet212.75 m <br />LahorePunjab
Bacha Khan International AirportPeshawar1,158 feet352.958 m <br />PeshawarKhyber-Pakhtunkhwa
Bahawalpur AirportBahawalpur392 feet119.482 m <br />BahawalpurLower Punjab
Chilas AirportChilas4,150 feet1,264.92 m <br />ChilasGilgit-Baltistan
Chitral AirportChitral4,920 feet1,499.616 m <br />ChitralKhyber-Pakhtunkhwa
Dalbandin AirportDalbandin2,782 feet847.954 m <br />DalbandinBalochistan
Dera Ghazi Khan International AirportDera Ghazi Khan486 feet148.133 m <br />Dera Ghazi KhanPunjab
Dera Ismail Khan AirportDera Ismail Khan594 feet181.051 m <br />Dera Ismail KhanKhyber-Pakhtunkhwa
Faisalabad International AirportFaisalabad607 feet185.014 m <br />FaisalabadPunjab
Gilgit AirportGilgit4,796 feet1,461.821 m <br />GilgitGilgit-Baltistan
Gwadar International AirportGwadar96 feet29.261 m <br />GwadarBalochistan
Hyderabad Airport (Sindh)Hyderabad135 feet41.148 m <br />HyderabadSindh
Islamabad International AirportIslamabad and Rawalpindi1,761 feet536.753 m <br />ThalianPunjab
Jiwani AirportJiwani186 feet56.693 m <br />JiwaniBalochistan
Karachi/Jinnah International AirportKarachi100 feet30.48 m <br />KarachiSindh
Khuzdar AirportKhuzdar4,012 feet1,222.858 m <br />KhuzdarBalochistan
Mangla AirportMirpur902 feet274.93 m <br />Mangla CanttPunjab
Moenjodaro AirportMohenjo-daro154 feet46.939 m <br />Mohenjo-daroSindh
Multan International AirportMultan400 feet121.92 m <br />MultanPunjab
Nawabshah AirportNawabshah95 feet28.956 m <br />NawabshahSindh
PAF Base Nur KhanIslamabad and Rawalpindi1,688 feet514.502 m <br />RawalpindiPunjab
PAF Base Shahbaz/Jacobabad AirbaseJacobabad185 feet56.388 m <br />JacobabadSindh
Panjgur AirportPanjgur3,289 feet1,002.487 m <br />PanjgurBalochistan
Quetta International AirportQuetta5,267 feet1,605.382 m <br />QuettaBalochistan
Sawan AirportSawan Gas Field5,462 feet1,664.818 m <br />SawanSindh
Sehwan Sharif AirportSehwan Sharif95 feet28.956 m <br />Sehwan SharifSindh
Shaikh Zayed International AirportRah Yar Khan271 feet82.601 m <br />Rah Yar KhanPunjab
Sialkot International AirportSialkot837 feet255.118 m <br />SialkotSialkot
Skardu AirportSkardu7,316 feet2,229.917 m <br />SkarduGilgit-Baltistan
Sukkur AirportSukkur196 feet59.741 m <br />SukkurSindh
Turbat International AirportTurbat400 feet121.92 m <br />TurbatBalochistan
Zhob AirportZhob4,728 feet1,441.094 m <br />ZhobBalochistan