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PQ 4.409 (OPS)

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Article Information
Content source: ICAO ICAO

Operations (OPS)

Protocol question

PQ 4.409 (OPS) - Does the aircraft operations organization ensure that a security training programme for flight and cabin crew has been established and approved by the authority before granting the AOC?

Guidance for review of protocol question

  • Verify State regulations
  • Review certification process and operations inspector procedures
  • Sample security training programme to confirm the following are addressed:
  1. Security of the flight crew compartment
  2. Aircraft search procedure checklist
  3. Determination of the seriousness of any occurrences
  4. Crew communication and coordination
  5. Appropriate self defence responses
  6. Use authorized by the State of the Operator of non lethal protective devices assigned to crew members
  7. Understanding of behaviour of terrorists
  8. Live situational training exercises regarding various threat conditions
  9. Post-flight concerns for the crew

ICAO Reference Documents

Annex Standard:

  • Annex 6, Part I - 13.4 Training programmes - 13.4.1

  • Annex 6, Part I - 13.4 Training programmes - 13.4.2

ICAO document guidance material:

  • Annex 6, Part I - 5. - Other approval or acceptance considerations

Critical Element: Licensing & Certification Obligations (6)

PQ Lack of Effective Implementation (LEI): 38.36%

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