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Nominated Postholder

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In the interests of safe and efficient operation, JAR-OPS 1 requires that:

"The operator must have nominated post holders, acceptable to the Authority, who are responsible for the management and supervision of the following areas,
(1) Flight operations;
(2) The maintenance system;
(3) Crew training; and
(4) Ground operations." (JAR-OPS 1.175(i))

as a condition of the granting and continueance of an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) (AOC).

Nominated postholders should:

  • Possess the appropriate practical experience and licenses required for them to carry out their duties;
  • Have practical experience and expertise in the application of aviation safety standards and safe operating practices;
  • Have comprehensive knowledge of relevant JAA regulations and the operator's operational policies and practices; and,

ACJ OPS 1.175 gives detailed specifications of the required levels of competency for a post-holder.

Further Reading

JAR-OPS, especially JAR-OPS 1.175 and ACJ 1.075.