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NATS Safety Culture Journey 2

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The EUROCONTROL Safety Culture Programme has been running for more than ten years, and there has been an ongoing survey of ten ANSPs to discuss their 'safety culture journeys' - how they got into safety culture, the usefulness of the survey process to ANSPs, and whether they plan to continue. The following video shows an interview for one of the ANSPs, NATS in the UK. The interviewee is Dr David Harrison, NATS Safety Director and also Chair of the CANSO Safety Standing Committee. The interviewer is Barry Kirwan of EUROCONTROL.

NATS Safety Culture Journey
[35 mins]
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2014, NATS CTC, Fareham, England
A video-interview with David Harrison, NATS Safety Director and Chair of the CANSO Safety Standing Committee
Interviewed by Barry Kirwan (EUROCONTROL, Network Manager, Safety)

Questions and Points Answered (in sequence)

  1. What does safety culture mean to you?
  2. Why did NATS get into safety culture?
  3. What are the main challenges in getting started?
  4. What about Just Culture?
  5. Is Just Culture a prerequisite for safety?
  6. What changes has safety culture brought?
  7. How do you persuade the NATS CEO on the importance of safety culture?
  8. How does the NATS Board work with safety issues?
  9. How does NATS make use of a safety dashboard?
  10. Safety culture and the regulator
  11. How does safety culture fit with your safety management system?
  12. Does safety culture represent value for money?
  13. On safety culture improvement via sharing information across ANSPs
  14. What are NATS’ goals for safety?
  15. How do you prevent cost pressures adversely affecting safety?
  16. What are CANSO’s safety goals?
  17. How do you detect if safety is slipping?
  18. How do you encourage people to speak up on safety concerns?
  19. What about safety culture and Functional Airspace Blocks (FABs)?
  20. How about safety culture in airlines and airports?
  21. How do you balance safety with other Key Performance Areas (KPAs)?
  22. Is competition between ANSPs an issue for safety culture?
  23. Do safety culture surveys need Human Factors skills?
  24. Is safety culture relevant to NATS’ future challenges?
  25. What are the future challenges for safety culture?
  26. Do you have any advice for a CEO thinking of embarking on a safety culture survey?

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