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LEAR JET Learjet 24

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Name Learjet 24
Manufacturer LEAR JET
Body Narrow
Wing Fixed Wing
Position Low wing with wing tip tanks
Tail T-tail
WTC Light
Type code L2J
Engine Jet
Engine count Multi
Position Both sides of rear fuselage
Landing gear Tricycle retractable
Mass group 3

Manufacturered as:


LEAR JET Learjet 24

LEAR JET Learjet 24 LEAR JET Learjet 24 3D


The Learjet 24 is an American six to eight seat (two crew and four to six passengers) twin-engined, high speed business jet. Manufactured by Learjet as the successor to the Lear Jet 23.

Technical Data

Wing span 10.84 m35.564 ft <br />
Length 13.8 m45.276 ft <br />
Height 3.73 m12.238 ft <br />
Powerplant 2 x General Electric CJ610-6 turbojet engines.
Engine model General Electric CJ610

Performance Data

Take-Off Initial Climb
(to 5000 ft)
Initial Climb
(to FL150)
Initial Climb
(to FL240)
MACH Climb Cruise Initial Descent
(to FL240)
(to FL100)
Descent (FL100
& below)
V2 (IAS) kts IAS kts IAS kts IAS kts MACH TAS 451 kts MACH IAS kts IAS kts Vapp (IAS) kts
Distance 1005 m ROC 7100 ft/min ROC ft/min ROC ft/min ROC ft/min MACH 0.81 ROD ft/min ROD ft/min MCS kts Distance 850 m
MTOW 61236,123 kg <br />6.123 tonnes <br /> kg Ceiling FL510 ROD ft/min APC C
WTC L Range 14741,474 nm <br />2,729,848 m <br />2,729.848 km <br />8,956,194.232 ft <br /> NM

Accidents & Serious Incidents involving LJ24

  • LJ24, vicinity Belleville Illinois USA, 2003 (On November 12, 2003, a Bombardier Learjet 24D being operated on a non scheduled flight by Multi-Aero Inc. was destroyed during a forced landing and post crash fire following a loss of power in both engines after an encounter with a flock of birds just after take off from St. Louis Downtown Airport.)
  • LJ24, vicinity Bornholm Denmark, 2012 (On 15 September 2012, a Learjet 24 experienced double engine failure in daylight VMC as it positioned visually on base leg at Bornholm and an emergency was declared. The subsequent handling of the aircraft then led to a stall from which recovery was not possible and terrain impact occurred in a standing crop at low forward speed shortly after crossing the coastline. The aircraft was destroyed and both occupants seriously injured. Investigation established that the engines had stopped due to fuel starvation resulting from mismanagement of the fuel system and had been preceded by a low fuel quantity warning.)