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Territory information
Name Kazakhstan
Territory code UA KZ.gif
Region Europe


Kazakhstan, officially Republic of Kazakhstan, has Astana as its capital

Airports in Kazakhstan

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Accidents in Kazakhstan

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Operators based in Kazakhstan

Airport listing of Kazakhstan

Actau Airport (formerly Shevchenko-Central)Actau73 feet22.25 m <br />Actau
Aktobe / Aktyubinsk AirportAktobe738 feet224.942 m <br />Aktobe
Almaty International AirportAlmaty2,234 feet680.923 m <br />Almaty
Astana International AirportAstana1,165 feet355.092 m <br />Astana
Atyrau AirportAtyrau-72 feet-21.946 m <br />Atyrau
Balkhash AirportBalkhash1,446.85 feet441 m <br />Balkhash
Kostanay West AirportKostanay595 feet181.356 m <br />Kostanay
Kyzylorda AirportKyzylorda429.79 feet131 m <br />Kyzylorda
Manas International AirportBishkek2,058 feet627.278 m <br />Chuy
Oral Ak Zhol AirportUralsk125 feet38.1 m <br />Uralsk, West Kazakhstan
Oskemen/Ust-Kamenogorsk AirportOskemen939 feet286.207 m <br />Oskemen
Pavlodar AirportPavlodar410 feet124.968 m <br />Pavlodar
Petropavlosk South AirportPetropavlosk413 feet125.882 m <br />Petropavlosk
Sary-Arka AirportKaraganda1,765 feet537.972 m <br />Karaganda
Semipalatinsk AirportSemey731 feet222.809 m <br />Semey, Kazakhstan
Shymkent AirportShymkent1,384.514 feet422 m <br />Shymkent
Taraz AirportTaraz2,184 feet665.683 m <br />Taraz, Jambyl Province
Zhezkazgan AirportZhezkazgan1,250 feet381 m <br />Zhezkazgan