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Chicago/O'Hare International Airport

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Name Chicago/O'Hare International Airport
Region North America
Territory United States US.gif
Location Chicago, Illinois
Serving Chicago
Elevation 203.606 m
668 ft
668 ft203.606 m
Coordinates 41° 58' 51.50" N, 87° 54' 16.10" W
Designator Length Width Surface ROPS
04L/22R 2286 m7,500 ft
46 m150.919 ft
ASP yes/yes
04R/22L 2461 m8,074.147 ft
46 m150.919 ft
ASP yes/yes
09L/27R 2428 m7,965.879 ft
46 m150.919 ft
ASP yes/yes
09R/27L 3092 m10,144.357 ft
46 m150.919 ft
ASP yes/yes
10/28 3962 m12,998.688 ft
46 m150.919 ft
ASPH-CONC- yes/yes
14L/32R 3050 m10,006.562 ft
46 m150.919 ft
ASP yes/yes
14R/32L 3962 m12,998.688 ft
61 m200.131 ft
ASP yes/yes
18/36 1625 m5,331.365 ft
46 m150.919 ft
ASP no/no

Observation KORD 301551Z 33009G17KT 10SM FEW040 04/M06 A3029 RMK AO2 SLP264 T00441056
Station Chicago, Chicago-O'Hare International Airport
Date/Time 30 October 2020 15:51:00
Wind direction 330°
Wind speed 09 kts
Lowest cloud amount few clouds
Temperature 4.4°C
Dew point
Humidity 48%
Weather condition n/a

Tag(s) Bird Strike
Tag(s) Parallel Runway Operation
Tag(s) Engineered Materials Arresting System
Tag(s) Cumulonimbus
Lake Effect Snow
Rwy(s) 4R, 22L

Chicago O'Hare International Airport



Chicago O'Hare International Airport, also known as O'Hare Airport, O'Hare Field, or simply O'Hare, is a major airport located in the northwestern-most corner of Chicago, Illinois, United States, 27 km14.579 nm
27,000 m
88,582.677 ft
northwest of the Chicago Loop. It serves as the primary and largest hub for United Airlines and as a hub for American Airlines. Although O'Hare is Chicago's primary airport, Chicago Midway International Airport, the city's second airport, is about 16 km8.639 nm
16,000 m
52,493.438 ft
closer to the Loop, the main business and financial district.


Humid continental climate (Köppen climate classification Dfa)



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Airport Layout

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Accidents & Serious Incidents at or in vicinity of KORD

  • A333, Chicago O'Hare IL USA, 2013 (On 5 March 2013, the aft-stationed cabin crew of an Airbus A330-300 being operated by Lufthansa on a scheduled international passenger flight from Chicago O'Hare to Munich advised the flight crew after the night normal visibility take-off that they had heard "an unusual noise" during take-off. Noting that nothing unusual had been heard in the flight deck and that there were no indications of any abnormal system status, the Captain decided, after consulting Company maintenance, that the flight should be completed as planned. The flight proceeded uneventfully but on arrival in Munich, it became clear that the aircraft had sustained "substantial damage" due to a tail strike on take-off and was unfit for flight.)
  • B733 / B744, Chicago IL USA, 2006 (On 23 July 2006, a Boeing B737-300 operated by United Airlines executed an early rotation during a night take off when a Boeing 747 operated by Atlas Air was observed on a landing roll on an intersecting runway at Chicago O’Hare Airport. The occurrence is attributed to ATC error.)
  • B742 / B744, Chicago O'Hare IL USA, 1999 (On 1 April 1999, an Air China Boeing 747-200F which had just landed on and cleared runway 14R at Chicago O’Hare failed to follow its correctly read back taxi-in clearance and crossed the landing runway at night ahead of a Boeing 747 taking off. The latter rotated abruptly and banked away from the taxiing 747, missing it by an estimated 75 feet. It was found that the Air China aircraft had realised it was going the wrong way but had slowed rather than stopped taxiing with the nose of the aircraft past the runway centreline as it was overflown.)
  • B752, Chicago O’Hare IL USA, 2008 (On 22 September 2008, a Boeing 757-200 being operated by American Airlines on a scheduled passenger flight from Seattle/Tacoma WA to New York JFK lost significant electrical systems functionality en route. A diversion with an emergency declared was made to Chicago O’Hare where after making a visual daylight approach, the aircraft was intentionally steered off the landing runway when the aircraft commander perceived that an overrun would occur. None of the 192 occupants were injured and there was only minor damage to the aircraft landing gear.)
  • B763, Chicago O'Hare IL USA, 2016 (On 28 October 2016, an American Airlines Boeing 767-300 made a high speed rejected takeoff after an uncontained right engine failure. A successful emergency evacuation of the 170 occupants was completed as a major fuel-fed fire destroyed the failed engine and substantially damaged the aircraft structure. The failure was attributed to an undetected sub-surface manufacturing defect which was considered to have escaped detection because of systemically inadequate materials inspection requirements rather than any failure to apply existing practices. Safety issues in relation to an evacuation initiated by cabin crew following a rejected takeoff and fire were also examined.)

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