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Territory information
Full Name Japan
ICAO Region Asia and Pacific

Airports in Japan

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Accidents in Japan

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Operators based in Japan

Airport listing of Japan

Aguni AirportAguni Island38 feet11.582 m <br />AguniOkinawa Prefecture
Akita AirportAkita305 feet92.964 m <br />AkitaAkita Prefecture
AmamiAmami88 feet26.822 m <br />AmamiKagoshima Prefecture
Aomori AirportAomori650 feet198.12 m <br />AomoriAomori Prefecture
Asahikawa AirportAsahikawa690 feet210.312 m <br />HigashikaguraHokkaidō
Chitose Air BaseChitose89 feet27.127 m <br />ChitoseHokkaidō
Chūbu Centrair International AirportNagoya12 feet3.658 m <br />Ise BayAichi Prefecture
Fukue AirportFukue251 feet76.505 m <br />GotoNagasaki Prefecture
Fukui AirportFukui18 feet5.486 m <br />FukuiFukui Prefecture
Fukuoka AirportFukuoka30 feet9.144 m <br />HakataFukuoka Prefecture
Fukushima AirportSukagawa1,220 feet371.856 m <br />SukagawaFukushima Prefecture
Hachijojima AirportHachijojima301 feet91.745 m <br />HachijojimaIzu Islands
Hakodate AirportHakodate112 feet34.138 m <br />HakodateHokkaidō
Hanamaki AirportHanamaki294 feet89.611 m <br />HanamakiIwate Prefecture
Hateruma AirportHateruma43 feet13.106 m <br />HaterumaOkinawa Prefecture
Hiroshima AirportHiroshima1,086 feet331.013 m <br />Mihara, HiroshimaChūgoku
Hiroshima-Nishi AirportHiroshima9 feet2.743 m <br />NishiHiroshima Prefecture
Iejima AirportIejima238 feet72.542 m <br />IejimaOkinawa Prefecture
Iki AirportIki41 feet12.497 m <br />IkiNagasaki Prefecture
Ishigaki AirportIshigaki86 feet26.213 m <br />ShirahoOkinawa
Iwami AirportIwami177 feet53.95 m <br />MasudaShimane Prefecture
Iwo Jima Air BaseIwo Jima384 feet117.043 m <br />Iwo JimaBonin Islands
Izumo AirportIzumo6 feet1.829 m <br />IzumoShimane
Kadena Air BaseKadena146 feet44.501 m <br />KadenaOkinawa
KagoshimaKagoshima892 feet271.882 m <br />KirishimaKagoshima Prefecture
Kansai International AirportGreater Osaka area17 feet5.182 m <br />Osaka BayOsaka Prefecture
Kerama AirportKerama Islands156 feet47.549 m <br />FukajiOkinawa Prefecture
Kikai AirportKikaijima15 feet4.572 m <br />KikaiKagoshima Prefecture
Kitadaito AirportKitadaitojima71 feet21.641 m <br />KitadaitoOkinawa Prefecture
Kitakyushu AirportKitakyushu21 feet6.401 m <br />KokuraminamikuFukuoka Prefecture
Kobe AirportKobe22 feet6.706 m <br />Chuo-kuKansai
Kochi AirportKochi29 feet8.839 m <br />NankokuKochi Prefecture
Komatsu AirportKomatsu22 feet6.706 m <br />KomatsuIshikawa Prefecture
Kumamato AirportKumamoto632 feet192.634 m <br />MashikiKumamoto Prefecture, Kyushu
Kumejima AirportKumejima23 feet7.01 m <br />KumejimaOkinawa Prefecture
Kushiro AirportKushiro311 feet94.793 m <br />KushiroHokkaidō
Matsumoto AirportMatsumoto2,157 feet657.454 m <br />MatsumotoNagano Prefecture
Matsuyama AirportMatsuyama13 feet3.962 m <br />MatsuyamaEhime Prefecture
Memanbetsu AirportOzora109 feet33.223 m <br />MemanbetsuOkhotsk Subprefecture
Miho-Yonago AirportYonago13 feet3.962 m <br />YonagoTottori Prefecture
Minami Torishima AirportMinami Torishima22 feet6.706 m <br />Minami TorishimaMarcus Island
Minami-Daito AirportMinamidaito159 feet48.463 m <br />MinamidaitoOkinawa Prefecture
Misawa AirportMisawa119 feet36.271 m <br />MisawaAomori Prefecture
Miyakejima AirportMiyakejima65 feet19.812 m <br />MiyakeMiyake sub-prefecture
Miyako AirportMiyakojima140 feet42.672 m <br />MiyakoOkinawa Prefecture
Miyazaki AirportMiyazaki19 feet5.791 m <br />MiyazakiKyushu
Monbetsu AirportMonbetsu58 feet17.678 m <br />MonbetsuHokkaidō
Mount Fuji Shizuoka AirportShizuoka433 feet131.978 m <br />MakinoharaShizuoka prefecture
Nagasaki AirportNagasaki8 feet2.438 m <br />OmuraNagasaki Prefecture
Nagoya AirfieldNagoya46 feet14.021 m <br />NagoyaChūbu
Naha AirportNaha11 feet3.353 m <br />NahaOkinawa Prefecture
Nakashibetsu AirportNakashibetsu214 feet65.227 m <br />NakashibetsuHokkaidō
Naval Air Facility AtsugiYokohama205 feet62.484 m <br />YamatoKanagawa Prefecture
New Chitose AirportSapporo Region70 feet21.336 m <br />ChitoseHokkaido
New Tanegashima AirportTanegashima768 feet234.086 m <br />NakataneKagoshima Prefecture
Niigata AirportNiigata29 feet8.839 m <br />NiigataNiigata Prefecture
Noto AirportNoto Peninsula718 feet218.846 m <br />WajimaIshikawa Prefecture
Odate-Noshiro AirportAkita276 feet84.125 m <br />KitaakitaAkita Prefecture
Oita AirportOita17 feet5.182 m <br />KunisakiOita Prefecture, Kyushu
Okadama AirportHigashi-ku26 feet7.925 m <br />Okadama-choHokkaidō
Okayama AirportOkayama785 feet239.268 m <br />OkayamaOkayama Prefecture
Oki AirportDogo262 feet79.858 m <br />DogoShimane Prefecture
Okinoerabu AirportOkinoerabujima88 feet26.822 m <br />WadomariKagoshima Prefecture
Okushiri AirportOkushiri161 feet49.073 m <br />OkushiriHokkaidō
Osaka International AirportItami, Ikeda and Toyonaka39 feet11.887 m <br />ItamiHyogo Prefecture
Oshima AirportTokyo124 feet37.795 m <br />OshimaTokyo
Rebun AirportRebun85 feet25.908 m <br />RebunHokkaidō
Rishiri AirportRishiri99 feet30.175 m <br />RishiriHokkaidō
Sado AirportSado75 feet22.86 m <br />RyotsuNiigata Prefecture
Saga AirportSaga6 feet1.829 m <br />KawasoeSaga Prefecture
Sendai AirportSendai6 feet1.829 m <br />NatoriSendai Metropolis
Shimojishima AirportMiyakojima25 feet7.62 m <br />ShimojishimaOkinawa Prefecture
Shonai AirportSakata and Tsuruoka72 feet21.946 m <br />ShonaiYamagata Prefecture
TajimaToyooka578 feet176.174 m <br />ToyookaHogo Prefecture
Takamatsu AirportTakamatsu607 feet185.014 m <br />TakamatsuKagawa
Tarama AirportMiyako District34 feet10.363 m <br />TaramaOkinawa Prefecture
Tokachi-Obihiro AirportObihiro490 feet149.352 m <br />ObihiroHokkaidō
Tokunoshima AirportTokunoshima8 feet2.438 m <br />AmagiKagoshima Prefectureima
Tokushima AirportTokushima37 feet11.278 m <br />MatsushigeTokushima Prefecture
Tokyo Haneda International AirportTokyo21 feet6.401 m <br />ŌtaTokyo Metropolis
Tokyo Narita AirportTokyo135 feet41.148 m <br />NaritaChiba Prefecture
Tottori AirportTottori48 feet14.63 m <br />TottoriTottori Prefecture
Toyama AirportToyama127 feet38.71 m <br />ToyamaToyama Prefecture
Tsushima AirportTsushima207 feet63.094 m <br />TsushimaNagasaki Prefecture
Wakkanai AirportWakkanai27 feet8.23 m <br />WakkanaiHokkaidō
Yakushima AirportYakushima122 feet37.186 m <br />YakushimaKagoshima Prefecture
Yamagata AirportYamagata345 feet105.156 m <br />HigashineYamagata Prefecture
Yamaguchi Ube AirportUbe15 feet4.572 m <br />UbeChūgoku
Yokota Air BaseYokota463 feet141.122 m <br />FussaKantō
YonaguniYonaguni49 feet14.935 m <br />YonaguniOkinawa Prefecture
Yoron AirportYoronjima47 feet14.326 m <br />YoronKagoshima Prefecture