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Name Jetstream 32
Body Narrow
Wing Fixed Wing
Position Low wing
Tail Cruciform tail
WTC Medium
Type code L2T
Engine Turboprop
Engine count Multi
Position (Front) Wing leading mounted
Landing gear Tricycle retractable
Mass group 3

Manufacturered as:

BRITISH AEROSPACE Jetstream Super 31
BRITISH AEROSPACE BAe-3200 Jetstream Super 31
JETSTREAM BAe-3200 Jetstream Super 31
JETSTREAM Jetstream Super 31




Commuter airliner. In service since 1988. Better performance development of Jetstream 31 with higher take-off weight. Over 400 Jetstream 31/32 aircraft have been delivered.

Technical Data

Wing span 15.85 m52.001 ft <br />
Length 14.37 m47.146 ft <br />
Height 5.38 m17.651 ft <br />
Powerplant 2 x Garret TPE331-12 UAR (1.020 shp) turboprops with four blade propellers.
Engine model AlliedSignal TPE-331, Garrett AiResearch TPE-331

Performance Data

Take-Off Initial Climb
(to 5000 ft)
Initial Climb
(to FL150)
Initial Climb
(to FL240)
MACH Climb Cruise Initial Descent
(to FL240)
(to FL100)
Descent (FL100
& below)
V2 (IAS) 110 kts IAS 140 kts IAS 190 kts IAS 190 kts MACH TAS 264 kts MACH IAS 240 kts IAS kts Vapp (IAS) 115 kts
Distance 1440 m ROC 2000 ft/min ROC 1500 ft/min ROC 1200 ft/min ROC ft/min MACH ROD ft/min ROD 2000 ft/min MCS 150 kts Distance 1220 m
MTOW 73507,350 kg <br />7.35 tonnes <br /> kg Ceiling FL250 ROD ft/min APC C
WTC M Range 700700 nm <br />1,296,400 m <br />1,296.4 km <br />4,253,280.843 ft <br /> NM

Accidents & Serious Incidents involving JS32

  • AT72 / JS32, en-route, north east of Jonkoping Sweden, 2012 (On 20 June 2012, an ATR72-200 level at FL140 and a climbing opposite direction Jetstream 32 received and correctly responded to co-ordinated TCAS RAs after ATC error. The controller had not noticed visual MTCD and STCA alerts and had attempted to continue active controlling after a TCAS RA declaration. The Investigation observed that the ineffectiveness of visual conflict alerts had previously featured in a similar event at the same ACC and that the ANSP had advised then that its addition was planned. TCAS RA response controller training was considered to be in need of improvement to make it more effective.)
  • JS32, Münster/Osnabrück Germany, 2019 (On 8 October 2019, a BAe Jetstream 32 departing Münster/Osnabrück couldn’t be rotated and after beginning rejected takeoff from well above V1, the aircraft departed the side of the runway passing close to another aircraft at high speed before regaining the runway for the remainder of its deceleration. The Investigation noted that the flight was the first supervised line training sector for the very inexperienced First Officer but attributed the whole event to the Training Captain’s poor performance which had, apart many from other matters, led indirectly to the inability to rotate and to the subsequent directional control problem.)
  • JS32, Torsby Sweden, 2014 (On 31 January 2014, an Estonian-operated BAE Jetstream 32 being used under wet lease to fulfil a government-funded Swedish domestic air service requirement landed long at night and overran the end of the runway. The Investigation concluded that an unstabilised approach had been followed by a late touchdown at excessive speed and that the systemic context for the occurrence had been a complete failure of the aircraft operator to address operational safety at anything like the level appropriate to a commercial operation. Failure of the responsible State Safety Regulator to detect and act on this situation was also noted.)