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International Air Safety Summit (IASS)

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Held annually since 1947, the Flight Safety Foundation’s International Air Safety Summit (IASS) brings together as many as 400 representatives from 50 or more countries to exchange information and propose new directions for further risk reductions. The summit covers safety, training, practical solutions, management, human factors and other issues for scheduled airlines, manufacturers and equipment suppliers, trainers, flight crews, maintenance personnel and industry executives. Previously known as the International Aviation Safety Seminar, IASS is held in November each year.

IASS 2017

The 2017 IASS was held October 23-25 in Dublin, and Hosted by Are Lingus.

SKYbrary holds the following selected presentations from IASS 2017:


ICAO's Agenda for Safety Global Safety Information Project TCAS RA not followed Targeted training for startle effect
IASS2017-Radu.png IASS2017-Millam.png IASS2017-Blajev.png IASS2017-Gillen.png
Presented by:
Catalin Radu and Claude Hurley.
Presented by:
Mark Millam.
Presented by:
Tzvetomir Blajev and Stan Drozdowski.
Presented by:
Dr Michael Gillen.

IASS 2016

The 2016 IASS was held November 14-16 in Dubai, UAE and Hosted by Emirates.

SKYbrary holds the following selected presentations from IASS 2016:


An Update to Lithium Battery Transport by Air How much Safety Do small Drones Embed Higher Risk Operations and Dynamic Risk Management Dashboards Pilot Decision Making and Go-Arounds Operational and Training Considerations for Safe Go-Around Procedures
IASS2016-Schwarz.png IASS2016-Karanikas.png IASS2016-Panagopoulos.png IASS2016-Gillen.png IASS2016-Burks.png
Presented by:
Captain Scott Schwartz.
Presented by:
Dr. Nektarious Karanikas.
Presented by:
Mr. Ilias Panagopoulos.
Presented by:
Captain Michael Gillen.
Presented by:
Captain Bryan Burks.

IASS 2015

IASS 2015 was held in Miami Beach, Florida, USA.

SKYbrary holds the following selected presentations from IASS 2015:


Managing Automation or Managing Aircraft Flight Path: How does Operational Policy Need to Evolve? Safety Risk Management at the State Level Normal Aircraft Tracking Enlightened Policies in Safety Compliance, Enforcement, and Information Protection
IASS2015-Abbott.png IASS2015-Courtney.png IASS2015-Marin.png IASS2015-Quinn.png
Presented by:
Dr Kathy Abbott, USA FAA.
Presented by:
Dr Hazel Courtney, UK CAA and Amer Younossi, USA FAA.
Presented by:
Miguel Marin, ICAO.
Presented by:
Kenneth Quinn.