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ICAO Member States USOAP Status

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Air transport is a very safe mode of public transport.

The safety of air transport is regulated and monitored by individual States. This regulatory role is referred to as safety oversight. In most cases, an air carrier is overseen by the country on which it depends, which is generally the country in which it is based. Other countries can also carry out additional checks on a carrier's aircraft, but cannot exercise the oversight role of the country in which the carrier is based. .

The International Civil Aviation Organization, which is the specialised agency of the United Nations responsible for international civil aviation, audits individual countries' capability to carry out their safety oversight role. This capability is assessed on the basis of 8 critical elements[1].

The "USOAP State results" section below list presents for each ICAO Member State:

  • the final audit report with all audit findings; and
  • a summary graph comparing per critical element the results of each State in relation to the global average,

provided the audit report is finalized and that the State agreed to the publication of that information.

If the safety oversight capability of a country presents serious deficiencies, there is uncertainty regarding the safety of the carriers overseen by that country.

USOAP State Results

Status ChartStateInitial AuditReportLanguage
Albania USOAP StatusAlbania1 December 2009
Argentina USOAP StatusArgentina25 November 2008
Australia USOAP StatusAustralia18 February 2008http://www.icao.int/FSIX/AuditReps/CSAfinal/Australia USOAP Final Report en.pdfEnglish
Brazil USOAP StatusBrazil4 May 2009
China USOAP StatusChina20 March 2007
Costa Rica USOAP StatusCosta Rica10 January 2006http://www.icao.int/FSIX/AuditReps/CSAfinal/Costa rica Final Audit Report sp.pdfSpanish
Egypt USOAP StatusEgypt14 November 2005
France USOAP StatusFrance3 June 2008http://www.icao.int/FSIX/AuditReps/CSAfinal/France Final CSA Report fr.pdfFrench

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  1. ^ The 8 critical elements are: (1) Primary Legislation; (2) Operating Regulations; (3) Organization & Safety Oversight Functions; (4) Technical Experts Training; (5) Guidance Procedures & Information; (6) Licensing & Certification Obligations; (7) Surveillance & Inspection Obligations; (8) Resolution of Safety Concerns.