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Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

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Name Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
Region Africa
Territory Kenya KE.gif
Location Embakasi, Nairobi
Serving Nairobi
Elevation 1,624.584 m
5,330 ft1,624.584 m
Coordinates 1° 19' 4.55" S, 36° 55' 45.23" E
Designator Length Width Surface ROPS
6/24 4117 m13,507.218 ft
45 m147.638 ft
ASP yes/yes

Observation HKJK 242100Z 08009KT CAVOK 18/16 Q1021 NOSIG
Station Nairobi/Jomo Kenyatta Airport TWR/APP/NOF/Civil Airlines
Date/Time 24 October 2020 21:00:00
Wind direction 80°
Wind speed 09 kts
Lowest cloud amount clouds and visibility OK
Temperature 18°C
Dew point 16°C
Humidity 88%
QNH 1021 hPa
Weather condition n/a

International airport serving Nairobi, Kenya.


Sub-tropical Highland climate (Köppen climate classification Cwb)



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Airport Layout

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Accidents & Serious Incidents at or in vicinity of HKJK

  • A343, Nairobi Kenya, 2008 (On 27 April 2008 an Airbus A340-300 crew lost previously-acquired visual reference in fog on a night auto ILS into Nairobi but continued to a touchdown which occurred with the aircraft heading towards the edge of the runway following an inappropriate rudder input. The left main gear departed the paved surface and a go around was initiated and a diversion made. The event was attributed to a delay in commencing the go around. No measured RVR from any source was passed by ATC although it was subsequently found to have been recorded as I excess of Cat 1 limits throughout.)
  • F50, vicinity Nairobi Kenya, 2014 (On 2 July 2014, a Fokker 50 fully loaded - and probably overloaded - with a cargo of qat crashed into a building and was destroyed soon after its night departure from Nairobi after failing to climb due to a left engine malfunction which was evident well before V1. The Investigation attributed the accident to the failure of the crew to reject the takeoff after obvious malfunction of the left engine soon after they had set takeoff power which triggered a repeated level 3 Master Warning that required an automatic initiation of a rejected takeoff.)