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Territory information
Name Germany
Territory code ED DE.gif
Region Europe


Germany, officially Federal Republic of Germany, has Berlin as its capital

Airports in Germany

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Accidents in Germany

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Operators based in Germany

Airport listing of Germany

Aachen/Merzbrück AirportAachen623 feet189.89 m <br />WürselenNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Baden AirparkBaden Baden and Karlsruhe408 feet124.358 m <br />RheinmünsterBaden-Wurttemberg
Berlin Tempelhof AirportBerlin167 feet50.902 m <br />Tempelhof-Schöneberg, BerlinBerlin
Berlin/Schönefeld International AirportBerlin154 feet46.939 m <br />SchönefeldBrandenburg
Braunschweig AirportBraunschweig295.276 feet90 m <br />BraunschweigLower Saxony
BremenBremen, Germany
Bückeburg Air BaseBückeburg, Lower Saxony
Celle Air BaseCelle, Lower Saxony
Cologne/Bonn AirportCologne and Bonn302 feet92.05 m <br />Cologne
Cottbus Air BaseCottbus220 feet67.056 m <br />CottbusBrandenburg
Dortmund AirportDortmund425 feet129.54 m <br />DortmundNordrhein-Westfalen
Dresden International AirportDresden754 feet229.819 m <br />Klotzsche, Dresden
Erding Air BaseErding, Bavaria
Faßberg Air BaseFaßberg, Lower Saxony
Frankfurt HahnFrankfurt Hahn
Frankfurt am Main AirportFrankfurt364 feet110.947 m <br />Frankfurt
Friedrichshafen AirportLake Constance/Bodensee1,358 feet413.918 m <br />FriedrichshafenBaden-Württemberg
Fritzlar Air BaseFritzlar, Hesse
Fürstenfeldbruck Air BaseFürstenfeldbruck, Bavaria
Geilenkirchen NATO Air BaseGeilenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Hamburg AirportHamburg53 feet16.154 m <br />Fuhlsbuettel
HannoverHannover, Germany
Holzdorf Air BaseHolzdorf, Saxony-Anhalt
Kassel-Calden AirportKassel, Germany
Kitzingen AirportKitzingen, Bavaria
Landsberg-Lech Air BaseLandsberg am Lech, Bavaria
Laupheim Air BaseLaupheim, Baden-Württemberg
Lechfeld AirbaseLagerlechfeld, Bavaria
Leipzig/Halle AirportLeipzig470 feet143.256 m <br />Schkeuditz
Lübeck AirportLübeck52.493 feet16 m <br />LübeckSchleswig-Holstein
Mannheim City AirportMannheim, Germany
Memmingen AirportMemmingen
Mendig Air BaseMendig, Rhineland-Palatinate
Munich AirportMunich1,487 feet453.238 m <br />Freisig
Münster Osnabrück AirportMunster160 feet48.768 m <br />Nordrhein-Westfalen
Neubrandenburg AirportNeubrandenburg226.378 feet69 m <br />TrollenhagenMecklenburg-Vorpommern
Niederstetten Air BaseNiederstetten, Baden-Württemberg
Nordholz Naval AirbaseNordholz, Lower Saxony
Nuremberg AirportNuremberg1,046 feet318.821 m <br />Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany
Nörvenich Air BaseNörvenich383.858 feet117 m <br />NörvenichNorth Rhine-Westphalia
RAF AhlhornAhlhorn, Lower Saxony
RAF GüterslohGütersloh, North Rhine-Westphalia
Rheine-Bentlage Air BaseRheine, North Rhine-Westphalia
Rostock-Laage AirportRostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Roth Air BaseRoth, Bavaria
Saarbrücken AirportSaarbrückenSaarbrückenSaarland
Spangdahlem Air BaseSpangdahlem, Rhineland-Palatinate
Strausberg AirportStrausberg262 feet79.858 m <br />StrausbergBrandenburg
Stuttgart AirportStuttgart1,276 feet388.925 m <br />Echterdingen, Stuttgart
Sylt AirportSylt51 feet15.545 m <br />WesterlandSylt
WerneuchenWerneuchen, Brandenburg