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Content source: ICAO ICAO


Fuel: Fuel related - [[Definition::One or more powerplants experienced reduced or no power output due to fuel exhaustion, fuel starvation/mismanagement, fuel contamination/wrong fuel, or carburetor and/or induction icing.]]

Usage Notes

  • The following fuel related definitions are provided for clarity:
    • Exhaustion: No usable fuel remains on the aircraft.
    • Starvation/mismanagement: Usable fuel remains on the aircraft, but it is not available to the engines.
    • Contamination: Any foreign substance (for example: water, oil, ice, dirt, sand, bugs) in the correct type of fuel for the given powerplant(s).
    • Wrong fuel: Fuel supplied to the powerplant(s) is incorrect, for example: Jet A into a piston powerplant, 80 octane into a powerplant requiring 100 octane.
  • Includes cockpit crew or ground crew-induced fuel-related problems that are not the result of mechanical failures. Interruptions of the fuel supply caused by mechanical failures are coded elsewhere as non-powerplant or powerplant system/component failures (SCF-NP or SCF-PP), as appropriate.
  • Also used when the wrong fuel causes a powerplant failure (e.g., through detonation). In this case it should be coded as FUEL, not as a system/component failure or malfunction- powerplant (SCF-PP).
  • Includes cases where there was a high risk of fuel exhaustion but there was no actual loss of power.

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