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FAA Certification Processes

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The declared Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ‘vision’ of the “Product Certification Process” where word “product” means aircraft, aircraft engines, propellers, as well as appliances and components or parts thereof, is encapsulated in the following statement taken from the most recent edition of The FAA and Industry Guide to Product Certification.

A credible and concise product certification process that results in:

  • Timely and efficient product type design and production approvals
  • Clearly defined and understood roles, responsibilities, and accountability of all stakeholders
  • Timely identification and resolution of the certification basis, potential safety issues, and business practice requirements
  • Optimal delegation using safety management concepts with appropriate controls and oversight

This statement is accompanied by the clarification that “the word ‘certification’ is used broadly and is not limited to design approvals marked by a certificate”.

The above-referenced document was central to the “Partnership for Safety Plan (PSP)” described by the FAA as “an agreement between a design approval applicant and the FAA describing how they will work together to certify and maintain integrity of the design approvals”.

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