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European General Aviation Safety Team

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The European General Aviation Safety Team (EGAST)

The European General Aviation Safety Team (EGAST) was created in late 2006 and was one of three pillars of the European Strategic Safety Initiative (ESSI). ESSI was launched in 2006 by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as a 10-year programme.

EGAST was closed on 20 April 2016 and its functions reallocated to other groups.

EGAST was a voluntary safety partnership between GA associations, industry, EASA and other authorities from across Europe. It addressed safety in general aviation operations.

In Europe, as in other regions of the world, General Aviation (GA) is a dispersed community. Air sports and recreational aviation embrace a wide spectrum of airborne activities, ranging from powered flying, ballooning and gliding to newly-invented activities such as sky-surfing, micro light flying and paragliding.

EGAST took into account the newest regulatory materials developed by European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) for general aviation. Getting general aviation safety data and participation from the general aviation community is a challenge. EGAST built on the national general aviation initiatives in Europe and created a forum for sharing safety data and best practices in Europe.

EGAST Leaflets and Brochures

A series of Leaflets and Brochures has been published by EGAST, each focusing on a different operational theme of interest to general aviation pilots.

EGAST Leaflet GA11

The GA11, titled "Safety at Flying Displays and Events, A Guide for Pilots", was published in December 2015.

EGAST Leaflet GA10

The GA10, titled "In-Flight Icing", was published in March 2015.

EGAST Leaflet GA9
The GA9, titled "FIS - Flight Information Service", was published in April 2014.
EGAST Leaflet GA8
The GA8, titled "Stall and Spin Loss of Control", was published in November 2013.
EGAST Leaflet GA7
The GA7, titled "Using Advanced Navigation Technology Safely", was published in September 2013.
EGAST Leaflet GA6

The GA6, titled "Bird strike, a European risk with local specificities", was published in May 2013.

EGAST Leaflet GA5
The GA5, titled "Piston engine icing", was published in June 2013.
EGAST Leaflet GA4
The GA4, titled "EGAST Leaflet – flight close to high grounds", was published in July 2013.
EGAST Leaflet GA3
The GA3, titled "Weather anticipation", was published in February 2012.
EGAST Leaflet GA2
The GA2, titled "Decision making", was published in April 2011.
EGAST Leaflet GA1
The GA1, titled "Collision avoidance", was published in January 2010.

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