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ELB-A or ELT Status Taxonomy

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The ADREP ELB-A/ELT Status taxonomy is a set of terms used by ICAO to capture the status of the emergency locator beacons and transmitters of the aircraft, whether it worked as designed ot why it did not work, and to allow counting the false negatives and trend the reliability of the system globally. The ADREP ELB-A/ELT Status taxonomy is part of the ICAO accident data reporting system (ADREP).


If at least one of the fitted beacons worked properly, use the term:

  • Operated effectively

If none of the beacons did work properly, use one of the following terms according to the reason of the nmalfunction:

  • Not activated
  • Internal failure
  • Damaged
  • Battery failed
  • Submerged
  • Other

If the aircraft was not fitted with any beacon, use the term:

  • Not carried

If the effectiveness of the beacons was not yet established, use the term:

  • Not determined