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Aberdeen Dyce Airport

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Name Aberdeen Dyce Airport
Region Europe
Territory United Kingdom GB.gif
Location Dyce, Scotland
Serving Aberdeen
Elevation 65.532 m
215 ft
215 ft65.532 m
Coordinates 57° 12' 1.35" N, 2° 12' 13.44" W
Designator Length Width Surface ROPS
5/23 577 m1,893.045 ft
46 m150.919 ft
CON yes/yes
14/32 660 m2,165.354 ft
23 m75.459 ft
ASP yes/yes
16/34 1829 m6,000.656 ft
46 m150.919 ft
ASP yes/yes
18/36 260 m853.018 ft
23 m75.459 ft
ASP no/no

Observation EGPD 261750Z 31007KT 9999 SCT038 09/07 Q0988
Station Aberdeen / Dyce
Date/Time 26 October 2020 17:50:00
Wind direction 310°
Wind speed 07 kts
Lowest cloud amount scattered clouds
Temperature 9°C
Dew point 7°C
Humidity 87%
QNH 988 hPa
Weather condition n/a

Aberdeen Dyce Airport



Domestic and international airport serving the City of Aberdeen and eastern Scotland and an important base for helicopters serving the offshore oil and gas industry.


Temperate Marine climate/Oceanic climate (Köppen climate classification Cfb). Moderately cool summer and comparatively warm winter with a temperature range of only 14°C57.2 °F
287.15 K
516.87 °R
. Prevailing south-westerly winds from the Atlantic Ocean.



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Airport Layout

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Accidents & Serious Incidents at or in vicinity of EGPD

  • AS32 / B734, Aberdeen UK, 2000 (For reasons that were not established, a Super Puma helicopter being air tested and in the hover at about 30 feet agl near the active runway at Aberdeen assumed that the departure clearance given by GND was a take off clearance and moved into the hover over the opposite end of the runway at the same time as a Boeing 737 was taking off. The 737 saw the helicopter ahead and made a high speed rejected take off, stopping approximately 100 metres before reaching the position of the helicopter which had by then moved off the runway still hovering.)
  • B734, Aberdeen UK, 2005 (Significant damage was caused to the tailplane and elevator of a Boeing 737-400 after the pavement beneath them broke up when take off thrust was applied for a standing start from the full length of the runway at Aberdeen. Although in this case neither outcome applied, the Investigation noted that control difficulties consequent upon such damage could lead to an overrun following a high speed rejected takeoff or to compromised flight path control airborne. Safety Recommendations on appropriate regulatory guidance for marking and construction of blast pads and on aircraft performance, rolling take offs and lead-on line marking were made.)
  • SW4, vicinity Aberdeen UK, 2002 (On 24 December 2002, a SA 227 Metroliner III being operated by Danish freight and passenger charter operator Benair on a positioning flight from Aberdeen to Aalborg with just the two pilots on board crashed just after take off in marginal VMC at night following a loss of control. It collided with a car which caught fire and both aircraft and car were destroyed although only one person, one of the flight crew, sustained any injury, which was minor.)