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Territory information
Name Colombia
Territory code SK CO.gif
Region South America and Caribbean


Colombia, officially Republic of Colombia, has Bogota as its capital

Airports in Colombia

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Accidents in Colombia

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Operators based in Colombia

Airport listing of Colombia

Alfonso Bonilla Aragón International AirportCali3,162 feet963.778 m <br />PalmiraValle del Cauca Department
Alfonso López Pumarejo AirportValledupar485 feet147.828 m <br />ValleduparCesar department
Alfredo Vásquez Cobo International AirportLeticia277 feet84.43 m <br />LeticiaAmazonas Department
Almirante Padilla AirportRiohacha43 feet13.106 m <br />RiohachaGuajira Department
Antonio Narino AirportPasto5,951 feet1,813.865 m <br />ChachaguiNarino Department
Antonio Roldán Betancourt AirportApartado46 feet14.021 m <br />VijagualAntioquia Department
Benito Salas AirportNeiva1,464 feet446.227 m <br />La ManguitaHuila Department
Camilo Daza International AirportNotre de Santander1,096 feet334.061 m <br />CocutaNotre de Santander department
Eduardo Falla Solano AirportSan Vicente del Caguán883 feet269.138 m <br />San Vicente del CaguánAmazonian Caqueta department
El Alcaravan AirportYopal1,028 feet313.334 m <br />YopalCasanare department
El Caraño AirportQuibdo204 feet62.179 m <br />QuibdoChoco Department
El Dorado International AirportBogota8,361 feet2,548.433 m <br />FontibonCundinamarca Department
El Eden International AirportArmenia3,990 feet1,216.152 m <br />La TebaidaQuindio Department
El Embrujo AirportProvidencia29 feet8.839 m <br />ProvidenciaArchipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina
Enrique Olaya Herrera AirportMedellín4,940 feet1,505.712 m <br />MedellínAntioquia Department
Ernesto Cortissoz International AirportBarranquilla98 feet29.87 m <br />SoledadAtlantico Department
Fabio Alberto León Bentley AirportMitu680 feet207.264 m <br />MituVaupes Department
Gabriel Vargas Santos AirportTame1,050 feet320.04 m <br />TameArauca Department
Gerardo Tobar López AirportBuenaventura48 feet14.63 m <br />ZacariasValle del Cauca Department
German Olano AirportPuerto Carreno173 feet52.73 m <br />Puerto CarrenoVichada Department
Golfo de Morrosquillo AirportTolu16 feet4.877 m <br />ToluSucre Department
Guapi AirportGuapi164 feet49.987 m <br />GuapiCauca Department
Guillermo León Valencia AirportPopayan5,687 feet1,733.398 m <br />PopayanCauca Department
Gustavo Artunduaga Paredes AirportCaqueta803 feet244.754 m <br />FlorenciaCaqueta Department
Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International AirportSan Andres19 feet5.791 m <br />San AndresArchipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina
Jorge Enrique González Torres AirportSan José del Guaviare605 feet184.404 m <br />San José del GuaviareGuaviare Department
José Celestino Mutis AirportBahia Solano80 feet24.384 m <br />Bahia SolanoChoco Department
José María Córdova International AirportMedellín7,027 feet2,141.83 m <br />RionegroAntioquia
La Florida Airport (Colombia)Tumaco8 feet2.438 m <br />La FloridaNarino Department
La Nubia AirportManizales6,768 feet2,062.886 m <br />La EneaCaldas Department
La Vanguardia AirportVillavicencio1,394 feet424.891 m <br />VillavicencioMeta department
Las Brujas Airport (Colombia)Sincelejo528 feet160.934 m <br />CorozalSucre Department
Los Colonizadores AirportSaravena672 feet204.826 m <br />SaravenaArauca Department
Los Garzones AirportMonteria36 feet10.973 m <br />Los GarzonesCordoba Department
Mariquita AirportMariquita1,531 feet466.649 m <br />MariquitaTolima Department
Matecaña International AirportPereira4,418 feet1,346.606 m <br />PereiraRisaraldo Department
Palonegro International AirportBucaramanga3,902 feet1,189.33 m <br />PalonegroSantander Department
Perales AirportIbague2,999 feet914.095 m <br />Santa RitaTolima Department
Rafael Núñez International AirportCartagena7 feet2.134 m <br />Urbanizacion ElianaBolivar Department
Santa Ana Airport (Colombia)Cartago2,979 feet907.999 m <br />Santa AnaValle del Cauca Department
Santiago Pérez Quiroz AirportArauca423 feet128.93 m <br />AraucaArauca Department
Santiago Vila AirportGirardot900 feet274.32 m <br />GirardotCundinamarca Department
Simón Bolívar International AirportSanta Marta22 feet6.706 m <br />Santa MartaMagdalena department
Tres de Mayo AirportPuerto Asis815 feet248.412 m <br />Puerto AsisPutumayo Department
Yariguíes AirportBarrancacabermeja412 feet125.578 m <br />Los LaurelesSantander Department