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Aviation Policies/Just Culture

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This is the intersection between Aviation and Policies.

Policies are documents of non-legal nature which describes the way institutions, corporate entities, governments, and/or prosecution offices across the world approach the balance between safety and justice.

  • National Transport Prosecution Policies and comparable Commitments towards the prosecution of transport related incidents or accidents;
  • JC Corporate Policies, Commitments, Manifests or Declarations from Interest Groups as signed off by the owners;

Of particular note is an article written by the Dutch aviation prosecutor, discussing the setup in the Netherlands and demonstrating how safety and justice can live together in almost perfect harmony.

And here is a good example of an arrangement in the UK:

This is the official Eurocontrol Just Culture Policy:

And this is the EUROCONTROL Model for a Policy Regarding Criminal Investigation and Prosecution of Aviation and Railway Incidents and Accidents:

Criminal Justice System in Italy can be seen in the following documents:

Criminal Justice System in Italy and Criminal Justice System in Italy- Part 2

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