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CESSNA 210 Centurion

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Name 210 Centurion
Manufacturer CESSNA
Body Narrow
Wing Fixed Wing
Position High wing
Tail Regular tail, low set
WTC Light
Type code L1P
Engine Piston
Engine count Single
Position Nose mounted
Landing gear Tricycle retractable
Mass group 1

Manufacturered as:

CESSNA Turbo Centurion
CESSNA T210 Turbo Centurion
CESSNA 210 Centurion
CESSNA Centurion

CESSNA 210 Centurion

CESSNA 210 Centurion


High performance light aircraft. In service since 1960. Exists in several versions with different engines. Has been constantly updated but production of the basic version ceased in 1985. The CESSNA P210 Pressurized Centurion is the high performance pressurized type. Note: Similar to CESSNA 206 but with retractable gear and without wingstruts.

Technical Data

Wing span 11.2 m36.745 ft <br />
Length 8.6 m28.215 ft <br />
Height 3 m9.843 ft <br />
Powerplant 210: 1 x 300 HP Continental IO-520L piston engine with 3 blade propeller.

T210: 1 x 310 HP Continental TSIO-520R turbocharged piston engine with 3 blade propeller.

Engine model Continental O-520

Performance Data

Take-Off Initial Climb
(to 5000 ft)
Initial Climb
(to FL150)
Initial Climb
(to FL240)
MACH Climb Cruise Initial Descent
(to FL240)
(to FL100)
Descent (FL100
& below)
V2 (IAS) 70 kts IAS 100 kts IAS 140 kts IAS 140 kts MACH TAS 170 kts MACH IAS 170 kts IAS kts Vapp (IAS) 75 kts
Distance 400 m ROC 500 ft/min ROC -500 ft/min ROC ft/min ROC ft/min MACH ROD ft/min ROD 500 ft/min MCS kts Distance 450 m
MTOW 18201,820 kg <br />1.82 tonnes <br /> kg Ceiling FL270 ROD ft/min APC A
WTC L Range 800800 nm <br />1,481,600 m <br />1,481.6 km <br />4,860,892.392 ft <br /> NM

Accidents & Serious Incidents involving C210

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