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Kangerlussuaq Airport

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Name Kangerlussuaq Airport
Region Northern Atlantic
Territory Greenland GL.gif
Location Kangerlussuaq/Sondre Stromfjord
Serving Kangerlussuaq
Elevation 50.292 m <br />165 ft <br />165 ft50.292 m <br />
Coordinates 67° 0' 35.61" N, 50° 42' 42.69" W
Designator Length Width Surface ROPS
10/28 2810 m9,219.16 ft <br /> 60 m196.85 ft <br /> ASP no/no

Observation BGSF 261050Z AUTO 08001KT 9999NDV NCD M17/M21 Q0987
Station Sdr Stroemfjord
Date/Time 26 February 2021 10:50:00
Wind direction 80°
Wind speed 01 kts
Lowest cloud amount no clouds detected
Dew point
Humidity 70%
QNH 987 hPa
Weather condition n/a

Tag(s) Bird Strike
Non Avian Wildlife Hazards to Aircraft
Tag(s) Altimeter Temperature Error Correction
Runway Visual Perspective

Kangerlussuaq Airport



Kangerlussuaq is the only international airport in the self-governing Danish Territory of Greenland capable of handling large aircraft. It situated on the west coast of the country and was formerly the Sondrestrom airbase of the USAAF which was opened early in World War 2. It is situated at the head of the fjord of the same name (Søndrestrøm in Danish).


Tundra climate (Köppen climate classification ET) - average temperature below 10°C50 °F <br />283.15 K <br />509.67 °R <br /> in all twelve months of the year with very little precipitation.



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Airport Layout

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  • There is a 1.51% upslope on the first 3000 ft of Rwy 10 which gives the illusion of a short runway.
  • There is high terrain on both sides and to the east of the runway, therefore Rwy 10 is used for landing and Rwy 28 for takeoff. Late go-around from Rwy 10 is hazardous.
  • Most pilots are familiar with the hazard posed by birds but caribou are also reported to be a problem at Kangerlussuaq.
  • In the winter, average temperature gets down to -22 °C-7.6 °F <br />251.15 K <br />452.07 °R <br /> at BGSF, so it is important to apply temperature error correction to altimeter readings.

Accidents & Serious Incidents at or in vicinity of BGSF

  • DH8B, Kangerlussuaq Greenland, 2017 (On 2 March 2017, a DHC8-200 took off from Kangerlussuaq in normal day visibility without clearance and almost immediately overflew three snow clearance vehicles on the runway. The Investigation identified a number of likely contributory factors including a one hour departure delay which the crew were keen to reduce in order to remain within their maximum allowable duty period and their inability to initially see the vehicles because of the runway down slope. No evidence of crew fatigue was found; it was noted that the vehicles involved had been in contact with TWR on a separate frequency using the local language.)