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B737 MAX Series

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Short to medium range narrow body airliner. The Boeing 737 MAX series includes the following variants:

Aircraft Family Members
ICAO Type Designator Name Length (m)
BOEING 737 MAX 8 BOEING 737 MAX 8 39.5 m
BOEING 737 MAX 9 BOEING 737 MAX 9 35.9 m


Aircraft 737 MAX 7 737 MAX 8 737 MAX 9 737 MAX 10
Overall Length 39.5 m129.593 ft
35.9 m117.782 ft
Wing Span 35.9 m117.782 ft
42.16 m138.32 ft
Engines 2 x CFM International LEAP-1B (130 kN) turbofans 2 x CFM International LEAP-1B (130 kN) turbofans
Passengers (2 class config.) 210 220
Max. Range 3,550 nm6,574,600 m
6,574.6 km
21,570,209.99 ft
3,550 nm6,574,600 m
6,574.6 km
21,570,209.99 ft
Maximum takeoff weight 82.191 tonnes82,191 kg
88.314 tonnes88,314 kg


Accidents & Serious Incidents involving B737 MAX Series

  • B38M, en-route, northeast of Jakarta Indonesia, 2018 (On 29 October 2018, a Lion Air Boeing 737-MAX 8 crew had difficulty controlling the aircraft in pitch almost immediately after a day takeoff from Jakarta. After failing to resolve the problem, the crew decided to return to the departure airport. No abnormal or emergency status was declared, but after approximately 11 minutes airborne, contact was lost and it was found that sea surface impact had destroyed the aircraft. Successful management of apparently similar pitch control problems during the aircraft’s previous flight, after which there had been maintenance input before release to service for the accident flight, has been noted. The Investigation is continuing.)