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B707 Series

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Medium to long range airliner/freighter. Boeing 707 family includes the following modifications:

Aircraft Family Members
ICAO Type Designator Name Length (m)
BOEING 707-100 BOEING 707-100 44.07 m
BOEING 707-300 BOEING 707-300 46.61 m


Aircraft 707-100 707-300
Overall Length 44.07 m144.587 ft <br /> 46.61 m152.92 ft <br />
Wing Span 39.9 m130.906 ft <br /> 44.4 m145.669 ft <br />
Engines 4 x P&W JT3D-1 (76.2 kN) turbofans. 4 x P&W JT3D-3 (80.1 kN) or
4 x P&W JT3D-7 (84.4 kN) turbofans.
Passengers (2 class config.) 110 147
Max. Range 3,530 nm6,537,560 m <br />6,537.56 km <br />21,448,687.68 ft <br /> 5,000 nm9,260,000 m <br />9,260 km <br />30,380,577.45 ft <br />
Maximum takeoff weight 86.184 tonnes86,184 kg <br /> 150.8 tonnes150,800 kg <br />

Accidents & Serious Incidents involving B707 Series

  • B703, Sydney Australia, 1969 (On 1 December 1969, a Boeing 707-320 being operated by Pan Am and making a daylight take off from Sydney, Australia ran into a flock of gulls just after V1 and prior to rotation and after a compressor stall and observed partial loss of thrust on engine 2 (only), the aircraft commander elected to reject the take off. Despite rapid action to initiate maximum braking and the achievement of full reverse thrust on all engines including No 2, this resulted in an overrun of the end of the runway by 170m and substantial aircraft damage. A full emergency evacuation was carried out with no injuries to any of the occupants. There was no fire.)