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Territory information
Name Australia
Territory code Y AU.gif
Region Asia and Pacific


Australia, officially Commonwealth of Australia, has Canberra as its capital

Airports in Australia

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Accidents in Australia

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Operators based in Australia

Airport listing of Australia

Aeropelican AirportLake Macquarie2 feet0.61 m <br />Lake MacquarieNew South Wales
Albany Airport (Australia)Albany233 feet71.018 m <br />DromeWestern Australia
Albury AirportAlbury539 feet164.287 m <br />New South Wales
Alice Springs AirportAlice Springs1,789 feet545.287 m <br />Northern Territory
Argyle AirportArgyle522 feet159.106 m <br />ArgyleWestern Australia
Armidale AirportArmidale3,556 feet1,083.869 m <br />New South Wales
Aurukun AirportAurukun31 feet9.449 m <br />AurukunQueensland
Avalon AirportAvalon35 feet10.668 m <br />Victoria
Badu Island AirportBadu Island14 feet4.267 m <br />Badu IslandQueensland
Bamaga Injinoo AirportAmberley34 feet10.363 m <br />AmberleyQueensland
Bamaga/Northern Peninsula AirportBamaga34 feet10.363 m <br />BamagaQueensland
Barrow Island AirportBarrow Island26 feet7.925 m <br />Barrow IslandWestern Australia
Boigu AirportBoigu23 feet7.01 m <br />BoiguQueensland
Brampton Island AirportBrampton Island11 feet3.353 m <br />Brampton IslandQueensland
Brisbane AirportBrisbane13 feet3.962 m <br />BrisbaneQueensland
Broome International AirportBroome56 feet17.069 m <br />BroomeWestern Australia
Burketown AirportBurketown21 feet6.401 m <br />BurketownQueensland
Busselton Regional AirportBrusselton55 feet16.764 m <br />BrusseltonWestern Australia
Cairns AirportCairns10 feet3.048 m <br />CairnsQueensland
Canberra International AirportCanberra1,888 feet575.462 m <br />CanberraAustralian Capital Territory
Cessnock AirportCessnock211 feet64.313 m <br />CessnockNew South Wales
Christmas Island AirportChristmas Island916 feet279.197 m <br />Christmas IslandExternal territory of Australia
Coconut Island AirportCoconut Island3 feet0.914 m <br />Coconut IslandQueensland
Cooinda AirportCooinda13 feet3.962 m <br />CooindaNorthern Territory
Coolangatta/Gold Coast AirportCoolangatta21 feet6.401 m <br />CoolangattaQueensland
Darnley Island AirportDarnley IslandDarnley IslandQueensland
Darwin International AirportDarwin103 feet31.394 m <br />MarraraNorthern Territory
Derby AirportDerby24 feet7.315 m <br />DerbyWestern Australia
Doomadgee AirportDoomadgee153 feet46.634 m <br />DoomadgeeQueensland
Dunk Island AirportDunk Island6 feet1.829 m <br />Dunk IslandQueensland
East Kimberley Regional AirportKununurra145 feet44.196 m <br />KununurraWestern Australia
Emerald AirportEmerald624 feet190.195 m <br />EmeraldQueensland
Flinders Island AirportFlinders Island10 feet3.048 m <br />Flinders IslandTasmania
Gayndah AirportGayndah369 feet112.471 m <br />GayndahQueensland
Geelong AirportGeelong43 feet13.106 m <br />GeelongVictoria
Gove AirportNhulunbuy205 feet62.484 m <br />NhulunbuyNorthern Territory
Great Keppel Is AirportGreat Keppel Island21 feet6.401 m <br />Great Keppel IslandQueensland
Hobart International AirportHobart13 feet3.962 m <br />CambridgeTasmania
Hooker Creek AirportHooker Creek320 feet97.536 m <br />Hooker CreekNorthern Territory
Hughenden AirportHughenden1,043 feet317.906 m <br />HughendenQueensland
Innisfail AirportInnisfail46 feet14.021 m <br />InnisfailQueensland
Jabiru AirportJabiru85 feet25.908 m <br />JabiruNorthern Territory
Julia Creek AirportJulia Creek404 feet123.139 m <br />Julia CreekQueensland
Kalbarri AirportKalbarri157 feet47.854 m <br />KalbarriWestern Australia
Kalgoorlie-Boulder AirportKalgoorlie1,203 feet366.674 m <br />KalgoorlieWestern Australia
Kalkgurung AirportKalkgurung646 feet196.901 m <br />KalkgurungNorthern Territory
Karratha AirportKarratha29 feet8.839 m <br />KarrathaWestern Australia
Karumba AirportKarumba5 feet1.524 m <br />KarumbaQueensland
Kubin AirportKubin15 feet4.572 m <br />KubinQueensland
Lake Evella AirportLake Evella256 feet78.029 m <br />Lake EvellaNorthern Territory
Latrobe Regional AirportLatrobe Valley180.446 feet55 m <br />TraralgonVictoria
Launceston AirportLaunceston562 feet171.298 m <br />LauncestonTasmania
Laverton AirportLaverton1,530 feet466.344 m <br />LavertonWestern Australia
LearmonthExmouthExmouthWestern Australia
Lightning Ridge AirportLightning Ridge540 feet164.592 m <br />New South Wales
Lizard Island AirportLizard Island70 feet21.336 m <br />Lizard IslandQueensland
Lockhart River AirportLockhart River77 feet23.47 m <br />Lockhart RiverQueensland
Lord Howe Island AirportLord Howe Island5 feet1.524 m <br />Lord Howe IslandNew South Wales
Mabuiag Island AirportMabuiag IslandMabuiag IslandQueensland
Mackay AirportMackayMackayQueensland
Maitland AirportMaitland85 feet25.908 m <br />MaitlandNew South Wales
Mallacoota AirportMallacoota31 feet9.449 m <br />MallacootaVictoria
Maroochydore/Sunshine Coast AirportMarcoolaMarcoolaQueensland
Maryborough AirportMaryborough38 feet11.582 m <br />MaryboroughQueensland
McArthur River Mine AirportMcArthur River Mine131 feet39.929 m <br />McArthur River MineNorthern Territory
Melbourne AirportMelbourne434 feet132.283 m <br />TullamarineVictoria
Milingimbi AirportMilingimbi53 feet16.154 m <br />MilingimbiNorthern Territory
Moomba AirportMoomba143 feet43.586 m <br />MoombaSouth Australia
Moranbah AirportMoranbah770.997 feet235 m <br />MoranbahQueensland
Moree AirportMoree701 feet213.665 m <br />MoreeNew South Wales
Mornington Island AirportMornington Island33 feet10.058 m <br />Mornington IslandQueensland
Mount Elizabeth AirportMount Elizabeth1,856.955 feet566 m <br />Mount ElizabethWestern Australia
Mount Isa AirportMount Isa1,121 feet341.681 m <br />Mount IsaQueensland
Murray Island AirportMurray IslandMurray IslandQueensland
Norfolk Island AirportNorfolk Island371 feet113.081 m <br />Norfolk IslandExternal territory of Australia
Olympic Dam AirportOlympic Dam343 feet104.546 m <br />Olympic DamSouth Australia
Onslow AirportOnslow7 feet2.134 m <br />OnslowWestern Australia
Orange AirportOrange3,115 feet949.452 m <br />HuntleyNew South Wales
Palm Island AirportPalm Island28 feet8.534 m <br />Palm IslandQueensland
Penneshaw AirportPenneshawPenneshawSouth Australia
Perth International AirportPerth67 feet20.422 m <br />RedcliffeWestern Australia
Pormpuraaw AirportPormpuraaw10 feet3.048 m <br />PormpuraawQueensland
RAAF Base RichmondRichmond1.383 feet0.422 m <br />HawkesburyNew South Wales
Ramingining AirportRamingining206 feet62.789 m <br />RaminginingNorthern Territory
Ravensthorpe AirportRavensthorpe197 feet60.046 m <br />RavensthorpeWestern Australia
Richmond AirportRichmond676 feet206.045 m <br />RichmondQueensland
Roper Bar AirportRoper BarRoper BarNorthern Territory
Saibai Island AirportSaibai IslandSaibai IslandQueensland
Scone AirportScone745 feet227.076 m <br />SconeNew South Wales
Shute Harbour AirportShute Harbour12 feet3.658 m <br />Shute HarbourQueensland
St George AirportSt George656 feet199.949 m <br />St GeorgeQueensland
Strahan AirportStrahan20 feet6.096 m <br />StrahanTasmania
Sydney AirportSydney21 feet6.401 m <br />MascotNew South Wales
Tamworth AirportTamworth1,334 feet406.603 m <br />TamworthNew South Wales
Theodore AirportTheodore171 feet52.121 m <br />TheodoreQueensland
Victoria River Downs AirportVictoria River Downs89 feet27.127 m <br />Victoria River DownsNorthern Territory
Warraber Island AirportSue Islet3 feet0.914 m <br />Sue IsletQueensland
Whitsunday Island AirportAirlie BeachAirlie BeachQueensland
Wilcannia AirportWilcannia250 feet76.2 m <br />WilcanniaNew South Wales
Wilkins RunwayCasey Station2,395 feet729.996 m <br />Budd Coast of Wilkes LandAustralian Antarctic Territory, Antarctica
Woomera AirfieldWoomera548 feet167.03 m <br />WoomeraSouth Australia
Yam Island AirportYam Island15 feet4.572 m <br />Yam IslandQueensland
Yorke Island AirportYorke Island0 feet0 m <br />Yorke IslandQueensland
Yuendumu AirportYuendumu2,205 feet672.084 m <br />YuendumuNorthern Territory