Skybrary Bookshelf

Title Author Date of publication Date
HindSight 1 - Controlled Flight Into TerrainEUROCONTROL2013-10-29
AC 120-80A In-Flight FiresFAA2014-12-222015-02-09
HindSight 1 - Analysis of an AIRPROX between a B737 and an A340EUROCONTROL2013-10-29
NTSB/AAR-86/02 Accident Report - Air Canada 797NTSB2008-03-05
Guidelines for Controller training in the Handling of Unusual/Emergency SituationsEUROCONTROL2003-07-312014-09-28
HindSight 6 - Mid-Air Collisions, Elephants and Systems ApproachesBarry Kirwan2013-10-30
HindSight 1 - Runway Excursion Southwest AirlinesEUROCONTROL2013-10-29
HindSight 1 - Runway Incursion - Collision between Shorts 3-30 and Boeing 757 at Paris CDGEUROCONTROL2013-10-29
HindSight 1 - The On Track ProjectEUROCONTROL2013-10-29
HindSight 1 - Wake Vortex Turbulence - Crash follows encounter with Boeing 757 Wake TurbulenceEUROCONTROL2013-10-29
HindSight 2 - Controlled flight into terrainEUROCONTROL2013-10-29
HindSight 2 - Analysis of an AIRPROX in JapanEUROCONTROL2013-10-29
HindSight 2 - Runway Excursion -Did we do everything we could?EUROCONTROL2013-10-29
HindSight 2 - Loss of SeparationDSNA (French ANSP)2013-10-29
HindSight 2 - The Phonological WheelAirservices Australia2013-10-29
HindSight 2 - Early TurnsEUROCONTROL2013-10-29
HindSight 2 - Wake Vortex Turbulence - The role of the Air Traffic ControllerEUROCONTROL2013-10-29
Electrical Arc Identified as Likely Source of In-Flight fire Aboard Swissair MD-11Flight Safety Foundation 2008-03-06
Timely Detection, Response Improve Outcomes of In-flight Fire FightingFlight Safety Foundation2008-03-06
Human Factors Report on the Tenerife AccidentALPA2008-03-06
HindSight 3 - Airspace Infringement: Pilots ProblemsEUROCONTROL2013-10-29
HindSight 3 - Descent Below the GlideslopeUK NATS2013-10-30
HindSight 3 - Loss of separation - The Blind SpotEUROCONTROL2013-10-30
HindSigh t3 - Misunderstandings - Wrong QNH SettingEUROCONTROL2013-10-30
HindSight 3 - Runway Incursions - It will Never Happen to MeBengt Collin2013-10-30
Coping with Myths and Realities of Cosmic RadiationJean-Jacques Speyer2008-03-06
NMLA Fact Sheet No 1 - CloudsUK Met Office2008-03-06
SAFO 07005FAA2014-08-11
HindSight 6 - Airbus AP-FD TCAS Mode: A New Step Towards Safety ImprovementPaule Botargues2013-10-30
HindSight 4 - Conflict Detection Error - Seen but Not PerceivedMarkus Wassmer2013-10-30
HindSight 4 - Near Collision at Los AngelesEUROCONTROL2013-10-30
HindSight 4 - Economy versus Safety - The Professionals DilemmaTom Bekker2013-10-30
HindSight 4 - Loss of Separation - A Lesson for the InstructorEUROCONTROL2013-10-30
HindSight 4 - Overflight of Densely Populated areas in EmergencyEUROCONTROL2013-10-30
HindSight 5 - A Busy Morning at HeathrowEUROCONTROL2013-10-30
HindSight 5 - Breaking the RulesJohn Barrass2013-10-30
HindSight 5 - Effective Communication in the Aviation EnvironmentAnne Isaac2013-10-30
HindSight 5 - Finally it was SnowingBengt Collin2013-10-30
HindSight 5 - Investigating Controller Blind SpotsBarry Kirwan2013-10-30
HindSight 5 - Mental Map Shift - An Operational ExampleDan Gurney2013-10-30
HindSight 5 - TCAS and STCA - Not Just AnagramsStanislaw Drozdowski2013-10-30
HindSight 5 - Work in ProgressEUROCONTROL2013-10-30
HindSight 6 - Alert Controller Prevents CFIT AccidentEUROCONTROL2013-10-30
HindSight 6 - Avoiding the ConflictAnne Isaacs and Victoria Brooks2013-10-30
HindSight 6 - Displaying ACAS RAs to the Controller - a Human Factors PerspectiveDoris Dehn2013-10-30
HindSight 6 - The Runway and YouIan Wigmore2013-10-30
ACAS II Bulletin 1 - Follow the RA! - July 2002EUROCONTROL2013-10-19
ACAS II Bulletin No. 2 - RAs and 1000 ft level-off manoeuvres - March 2003 EUROCONTROL2013-10-19
ACAS II Bulletin No. 3 - Wrong reaction to "Adjust Vertical Speed" RAs - October 2003EUROCONTROL2013-10-19
ACAS II Bulletin No. 4 - TCAS II and VFR traffic - May 2004EUROCONTROL2013-10-19
ACAS II Bulletin No. 5 - Controller and Pilot ACAS regulation and training - October 2004EUROCONTROL2013-10-19
ACAS II Bulletin No. 6 - Incorrect use of the TCAS traffic display - March 2005EUROCONTROL2013-10-19
ACAS II Bulletin No. 7 - The Dos and Don'ts of TCAS II Operations - March 2006EUROCONTROL2013-10-19
ACAS II Bulletin No. 8 - TCAS II operations in European RVSM airspace - May 2006EUROCONTROL2013-10-19
ACAS II Bulletin No. 9 - Frequently Asked Questions - July 2007EUROCONTROL2016-02-26
ACAS II Bulletin No. 10 - When ATC meets TCAS II.. - November 2007EUROCONTROL2013-10-19
ACAS Guide - Airborne Collision AvoidanceEUROCONTROL2017-12-182017-12-27
RITA 2 (Replay Interface for TCAS Alerts)EUROCONTROL2008-03-18
JAA TGL 11JAA2008-03-18
Air-Ground Communications Briefing Note 1 - GeneralEUROCONTROL2013-10-24
Air-Ground Communications Briefing Note 2 - Call Sign ConfusionEUROCONTROL2013-10-24
Air-Ground Communications Briefing Note 3 - Loss of CommunicationEUROCONTROL2013-10-24
Air-Ground Communications Briefing Note 4 - Blocked TransmissionsEUROCONTROL2013-10-24
Air-Ground Communications Briefing Note 5 - Radio DisciplineEUROCONTROL2013-10-24
European Action Plan for Air Ground Communications SafetyEUROCONTROL2008-03-19
All Clear Phraseology ManualEUROCONTROL2011-04-04
All Clear? Top 5 Tips Controllers / Top 5 Tips PilotsEUROCONTROL2013-10-24
Safety Letter Air-Ground Communications Safety Improvement Initiative Dec 2004EUROCONTROL2013-10-24
Airbus FOBN - Adverse Weather Operations - Optimum Use of the Weather RadarAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Adverse Weather Operations - Windshear AwarenessAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Approach Techniques - Flying Stabilized ApproachesAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Approach Techniques - Aircraft Energy Management during ApproachAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Industry Safety Initiatives - From Non-Precision to Precision-like ApproachesAirbus2013-10-29
Air-Ground Communications Safety Study - An analysis of pilot-controller occurrencesEUROCONTROL2013-10-24
Investigation into Loss of CommunicationsEUROCONTROL2009-10-22
AGC Safety Letter No2 August 2005EUROCONTROL2013-10-24
Air-Ground Communications Safety Letter No3 April 2006EUROCONTROL2013-10-24
Airspace Infringement FIS Survey - Edition 1.0 - 04.02.2008EUROCONTROL2013-10-25
Airspace Infringement Risk Analysis - Part I - Safety Analysis of AirspaceEUROCONTROL2013-10-25
Airspace Infringement Risk Analysis - Part II - General Aviation AirspaceEUROCONTROL2013-10-25
Airspace Infringement Risk Analysis - Part III - Case Study SwitzerlandEUROCONTROL2013-10-25
Airspace Infringement Safety Letter 2 - March 2007EUROCONTROL2013-10-25
Airspace Infringement Safety Letter 3 - November 2007EUROCONTROL2013-10-25
Airspace Infringement Safety Letter 4 - January 2008EUROCONTROL2013-10-25
Airspace Infringement Poster - Did you Infringe TodayEUROCONTROL2013-10-25
Airspace Infringement Poster - Top Ten Tips for GA PilotsEUROCONTROL2013-10-25
Level Bust Briefing Note ATM1 - Understanding the Causes of Level Busts EUROCONTROL2008-03-25
Level Bust Briefing Note ATM2 - Reducing Level BustsEUROCONTROL2008-03-25
Level Bust Briefing Note ATM3 - Safety Reporting - ATMEUROCONTROL2008-03-25
Level Bust Briefing Note ATM4 - Airspace and Procedure DesignEUROCONTROL2008-03-25
Level Bust Briefing Note Gen 1 - Level Busts: OverviewEUROCONTROL2008-03-25
Level Bust Briefing Note Gen 2 - Pilot-Controller CommunicationsEUROCONTROL2008-03-25
Level Bust Briefing Note Gen 3 - Call Sign ConfusionEUROCONTROL2008-03-25
Level Bust Briefing Note Ops 1 - SOPsEUROCONTROL2008-03-25
Level Bust Briefing Note Ops 2 - Altimeter Setting ProceduresEUROCONTROL2008-03-25
Level Bust Briefing Note Ops 3 - Standard CallsEUROCONTROL2008-03-25
Level Bust Briefing Note Ops 4 - Aircraft Technical EquipmentEUROCONTROL2008-03-25
Level Bust Briefing Note Ops 5 - ACASEUROCONTROL2008-03-25
Level Bust Briefing Note Ops6 - Human FactorsEUROCONTROL2008-03-25
Level Bust Briefing Note Ops7 - Safety Reporting: OperatorsEUROCONTROL2008-03-25
Level Bust - Poster for ATCOsEUROCONTROL2008-03-25
Level Bust - a poster for pilotsEUROCONTROL2008-03-25
Runway Safety Newsletter February 2007EUROCONTROL2008-03-25
European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway IncursionsEUROCONTROL2012-08-13
Runway Safety Poster 1EUROCONTROL2008-03-25
Runway Safety Poster 2EUROCONTROL2008-03-25
ASW Feb 08 - BlindsidedFlight Safety Foundation2008-03-26
United States National Transportation Safety Board Safety Recommendation A-07-35 through 37NTSB2008-04-14
JAA TGL 6JAA2008-04-15
Mode S: Flight Plans and TranspondersEUROCONTROL2010-12-15
8.33 kHz Procedures Quick ReferenceEUROCONTROL2008-04-15
ICAO Wake Vortex Aspects of A380 AircraftICAO2008-11-27
HindSight 2 - Getting the Message AcrossBert Ruitenberg2013-10-29
Air-Ground Communications Safety Study - Causes and RecommendationsEUROCONTROL2013-10-24
Final Report, KNKT., Merpati Nusantara Airlines, MA60NTSC Indonesia2014-07-102015-01-26
Boeing Aero Magazine Q4 2014Boeing2014-12-012015-01-29
Advisory Circular, AC103-7, The Ultralight VehicleFAA1984-01-302015-01-31
Doc 9691 AN/954: Manual on Volcanic Ash, Radioactive Material and Toxic Chemical CloudsICAO2007-12-142015-02-03
Airbus FOBN - Descent Management - Descent and Approach Profile ManagementAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Ground Handling - Refueling with Passengers on BoardAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Human Performance - CRM Aspects in Incidents / AccidentsAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Human Performance - Effective Pilot - Controller CommunicationsAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Human Performance - Enhancing Situational AwarenessAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Human Performance - Error ManagementAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Human Performance - Human Factors Aspects in Incidents / AccidentsAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Human Performance - Managing Interruptions and DistractionsAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Human Performance - Visual Illusions AwarenessAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Landing Techniques - Bounce Recovery - Rejected LandingAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Landing Techniques - Crosswind LandingsAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Landing Techniques - Preventing Tailstrikes at LandingAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Operational Environment - Birdstrike Threat AwarenessAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Operational Environment - Enhancing Terrain AwarenessAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Operational Environment - Volcanic Ash AwarenessAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Operational Environment - Wake Turbulence Awareness / AvoidanceAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Runway and Surface Operations - Preventing Runway IncursionsAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Standard Operating Procedures - Conducting Effective BriefingsAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Standard Operating Procedures - Normal ChecklistsAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Standard Operating Procedures - Operating PhilosophyAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Standard Operating Procedures - Operations Golden RulesAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Standard Operating Procedures - Optimum Use of AutomationAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Standard Operating Procedures - Standard CallsAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Supplementary Techniques - Altimeter Setting - Use of Radio AltimeterAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Supplementary Techniques - Handling Engine MalfunctionsAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Supplementary Techniques - Preventing Altitude Deviations / Level BustsAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Takeoff and Departure Operations - Preventing Tailstrikes at TakeoffAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Takeoff and Departure Operations - Response to Stall Warning Activation at TakeoffAirbus2013-10-29
Airbus FOBN - Takeoff and Departure Operations - Revisiting the "Stop or Go" DecisionAirbus2013-10-29
CAP 745 - Aircraft Emergencies - Considerations for Air Traffic ControllersUK CAA2013-10-29
On Track - A Confidential Airspace InfringementUKCAA2008-04-23
Human Factors Module: Interpersonal CommunicationEUROCONTROL2008-04-18
Body Clock QuestionnaireFlight Safety Foundation2009-07-06
FUA BrochureEUROCONTROL2008-04-21
Enhanced FUA BrochureEUROCONTROL2008-04-21
Guidance for the Implementation of FUAEUROCONTROL2008-04-21
CAP 772 - Wildlife hazard management at aerodromesUK CAA2018-02-25
Large Flocking BirdsUKCAA2008-04-23
CAP 710 - Level Bust Working Group 'On The Level' Project Final ReportUK CAA2013-10-29
CAA PAPER 2002/01 - A Benefit Analysis for Enhanced Protection from Fires in Hidden Areas on TransUK CAA2013-08-26
Electric Arc Identified as Likely Source of In-flight Fire Aboard Swissair MD111Flight Safety Foundation2008-04-23
Controller Working Position BrochureEUROCONTROL2008-04-23
HF31 Core Requirements for ATMEUROCONTROL2008-04-23
HF43 CoRe Project: Baseline Exemplary Style GuideEUROCONTROL2008-04-23
HF19 Font Requirements for Next Generation ATM SystemsEUROCONTROL2008-04-23
HF20 An Experimental Metodology for Choosing Fonts for Next Generation ATM SystemsEUROCONTROL2008-04-23
HindSight 1 - Level Bust - Advice for the ATCOEUROCONTROL2013-10-29
Personal Strategies for Decreasing the Effects of Fatigue in Air Traffic ControlEUROCONTROL2008-04-23
TRM BrochureEUROCONTROL2008-04-23
Fatigue and Sleep Management BrochureEUROCONTROL2008-04-23
Final Report No. 1793 by the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau, RJ1H CFIT near Bassersdorf/ZH 2BFU (Switzerland)2013-06-07
CAA Paper 2005/4 - Aircrew Fatigue - A Review of Research Undertaken on behalf of the UKCAAUK CAA2013-10-25
A method for Predicting Human Error in ATM (HERA-PREDICT) EUROCONTROL2004-03-052020-02-01
The Development of a Safety Management Tool within ATM - HERA-SMART EUROCONTROL2003-05-122020-02-01
HF03 Awarenes of Human Aspects in ATMEUROCONTROL2008-04-23
HF02 Guidelines for Developing & Implementing TRMEUROCONTROL2008-04-23
HF08 Interpersonal CommunicationEUROCONTROL2008-04-23
HF10 Teamwork in Air Traffic ServicesEUROCONTROL2008-04-23
HF11 Human Factors in Accident InvestigationEUROCONTROL2008-04-23
HF15 TRM Test and EvaluationEUROCONTROL2008-04-23
HF18 Learning and Skills AcquisitionEUROCONTROL2008-04-23
Rejected Takeoff Prevents Rwy CollisionFlight Safety Foundation2008-04-23
Crew Resource ManagementRoyal Aeronautical Society2008-04-24
A Roadmap to a Just Culture - Enhancing the Safety EnvironmentGAIN, Working Group E2013-11-25
Do you have a Safety Culture?Flight Safety Foundation2008-04-24
Establishment of Just Culture Principles in ATM Safety Data Reporting and AssessmentEUROCONTROL2008-04-24
Manual for Airspace Planning Volume 2 - Common GuidelinesEUROCONTROL2008-04-25
GAIN - Methods & Tools for Airline Flight Safety AnalysisGAIN2008-04-25
GAIN - Methods & Tools for Safety Analysis in Air Traffic ManagementGAIN2008-04-25
FAA - Review of Situational Awareness Literature Relevant to Pilot Surveillance FunctionsFAA2008-04-25
ATSB - ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit ProgrammeATSB2008-04-25
FAA - Airspace Simulation & Analysis for Terminal ProceduresFAA2008-04-26
Cranfield - IGA CARA ProjectCranfield University, UK2008-06-10
CAST - SE23 DIP ALAR Flight Crew TrainingCAST2000-12-012016-07-04
European Action Plan for the Prevention of Level BustEUROCONTROL2008-04-29
Level Bust Safety Letter: Level Bust - A Shared IssueEUROCONTROL2008-04-29
Level Bust - a flyer for pilotsEUROCONTROL2008-04-30
Level Bust Safety Letter - Presentation of Action Plan and ToolkitEUROCONTROL2008-04-30
Level Bust Safety Letter - Seeking solutoions today for tomorrow's challengesEUROCONTROL2008-04-30
CAP 413 - Manual of Radiotelephony, May 2016UK CAA2015-05-012018-09-07
Best Practices for the Staffing of Safety Management ActvitiesEUROCONTROL2008-05-13
Being Prepared for the Outbound Flight - ChecklistFlight Safety Foundation2009-06-30
SM ICG Industry Day 11 December 2015 - Abstracts and BiosSM ICG2015-12-112016-03-08
AAIB Bulletin 4/2005 EW/G2005/01/09, Reims Cessna FRA150M, G-BFGX, Prestwick UK, 27 Jan 2005AAIB (UK)2013-10-19
AAIB Bulletin12/2005 EW/C2004/11/01, Boeing 767-204, G-SATR / Boeing 737-37Q, G-ODSK, Manchester 4 NAAIB (UK)2013-10-19
AAIB Bulletin 7/96 EW/C95/11/4, Airbus A340, A40-LB / Boeing 757-236, G-BIKG, Heathrow, 23 Nov 1995AAIB (UK)2013-10-19
ATSB - Safety Occurrence Report 200600524ATSB2008-05-01
RVSM Safety Monitoring Report 2004EUROCONTROL2008-05-01
EASA - Annual Safety Review 2005EASA2010-07-26
EASA - Annual Safety Review 2006EASA2010-07-26
Aircraft Incident Report A319 en route Cape Town - Johannesburg, South Africa, 2008 (LOC HF)CAA (South Africa)2009-10-23
Limitations of the See-and-Avoid PrincipleAustralian Transportation Safety Board1991-04-012017-04-25
ICAO Doc 9870 App A - Communication Best PracticesICAO2012-08-15
European Air Traffic Controllers Assert Influence to Prevent Runway IncursionsFlight Safety Foundation2008-05-02
FAA Instrument Procedures Handbook Ch 2FAA2008-05-02
ESARR 1 - Safety Oversight in ATMEUROCONTROL2013-10-29
ESARR 1 in the Certification and Designation of Service ProvidersEUROCONTROL2013-10-29
Explanatory Material on ESARR 1 RequirementsEUROCONTROL2008-05-08
Guidance on the Criteria for the Assessment of Compliance with the Standards of ICAO Annex 11EUROCONTROL2008-05-08
Guidelines for Safety Regulatory AuditingEUROCONTROL2008-05-08
ESARR 2 - Reporting and Assessment of Safety Occurrences in ATMEUROCONTROL2013-10-29
Frequently Asked Questions on ESARR 2 EUROCONTROL2013-10-29
ESARR 2 and Related Safety OversightEUROCONTROL2013-10-29
ESARR 2 Presentation - ESARR 2 Through 12 SlidesEUROCONTROL2013-10-29
Safety Letter - Safety Management in Air Navigation ServicesEUROCONTROL2008-05-13
Explanatory Material on ESARR 2 RequirementsEUROCONTROL2008-05-08
Harmonisation of Safety Occurrence Severity and Risk AssessmentEUROCONTROL2008-05-08
Guidelines on the Systematic Occurrence Analysis Methodology (SOAM)EUROCONTROL2008-05-08
Mapping between the EUROCONTROL Severity Classification Scheme & the ICAO AIRPROX Severity SchemeEUROCONTROL2008-05-08
Publication and Confidentiality PolicyEUROCONTROL2008-05-08
Severity Classification Scheme for Safety Occurrences in ATMEUROCONTROL2008-05-08
CAP 730 - Safety Management Systems for Air Traffic ManagementUK CAA2013-10-29
CAP 642 - Airside Safety ManagementUK CAA2013-10-23
CAP 726 - Guidance for Developing and Auditing a Formal Safety Management SystemUK CAA2013-10-29
CAP 728 - The Management of SafetyUK CAA2013-10-29
SMS Guidance LeafletUKCAA2008-05-13
Guidelines for Investigation of Safety Occurrences in ATMEUROCONTROL2008-05-13
Understanding Safety Culture in Air Traffic ManagementEUROCONTROL2008-05-13
FODCOM 1902 ACAS - Action to be taken following an RA warningUKCAA2008-05-13
NTSB - Safety Alert 14: Use of de-ice bootsNTSB2008-12-30
BEA - Accident Report f-es010324a, 24 March 2001at Saint-Barthélemy to the DHC-6-300 regBEA (France)2008-12-30
CAP 637 - Visual Aids HandbookUK CAA2013-10-23
SHK Report C 1997:20eSwedish CAA2008-05-13
A Probabilistic Approach to Estimating Computer System ReliabilityR Apthorpe2013-08-26
Serious Incident Report AI2009-1 Runway incursion, B744 and MD 90, New Chitose Airport, Japan 2008JTSB (Japan)2009-09-09
1 - How to use the SKYbrary BookshelfSKYbrary Editor2009-07-16
AAIB Incident Report 1/2001, B747, G-BNLY / A321, GMIDF, Heathrow 28 Apr 2000 - AppendixAAIB (UK)2013-10-19
NASA - Pre-flight Icing ChecklistNASA2008-05-15
Level Bust - Leaflet: Level Bust Risk FactorsEUROCONTROL2008-05-15
NetAlert Newsletter Oct 07EUROCONTROL2008-05-16
NetAlert Newsletter Feb 08EUROCONTROL2008-05-16
Specification for Short Term Conflict AlertEUROCONTROL2008-05-16
I-AM-SAFE Feasibility Study ReportEUROCONTROL2008-05-16
SPIN: Survey of Practices in Safety NetsEUROCONTROL2008-05-16
Guidance Material for Short Term Conflict AlertEUROCONTROL2008-05-16
Guidance Material for STCA: App AEUROCONTROL2008-05-16
Guidasnce Material for STCA: App B1EUROCONTROL2008-05-16
Guidance Material for STCA: App B2EUROCONTROL2008-05-16
Guidance Material for STCA: App B3EUROCONTROL2008-05-16
Guidance Material for STCA: App CEUROCONTROL2008-05-16
Guidance Material for STYCA: App D1EUROCONTROL2008-05-16
Guidance Material for STCA: App D2EUROCONTROL2008-05-16
Economic assessment of STCA standardisationHELIOS2016-03-04
ALPA - Report on 1977 Tenerife DisasterALPA2008-05-21
Final Report Collision between B747 KLM and B747 PAN AM Los Rodeos Tenerife Spain 27/03/1977Ministerio de Fomento, Spain1978-12-012016-11-02
Accidente 27 de marzo de 1977 Boeing 747, PH-BUF de K.L.M. y Boeing 747, N736PA de PANAM en el aeropCIAIAC (Spain)1978-12-012016-11-02
NTSB - AAB-06/07NTSB2008-05-21
NTSB - AAB-00/01NTSB2008-05-21
NTSB - AAR-07/07 UPS DC8 Cargo FireNTSB2008-05-21
Danish AAIB - HCL 70/99Danish AAIB2008-05-22
AAIB - Incidents resulting from damage to electrical wiringAAIB (UK)2013-10-18
NTSB - AAR-00/03 TWA 800NTSB2008-05-23
AAIB Bulletin 6/2004 EW/C2003/05/03, Airbus A321-231, G-MIDJ, in cruise Vienna, 26 May 2003AAIB (UK)2013-10-19
CIAIAC - Technical Report A-054/1999Spanish Civil Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation Commission2008-06-09
AAIB Bulletin 5/2008 EW/C2007/03/06, Lockheed L188C, G-FIZU, London Stansted, 19 Mar 2007AAIB (UK)2013-10-19
ATSB - Air Safety Investigation 200100213ATSB2008-05-28
AAIB Bulletin 8/2003 EW/C2002/2/6, AS332L Super Puma, G-TIGB, 70 nm NE Scatsa, Shetland Islands,AAIB (UK)2013-10-19
NTSB - Report on B747 Volcanic Ash Encounter 1989NTSB2008-05-30
Level Bust Safety Letter - En Route to Reducing Level BustsEUROCONTROL2008-06-02
HERA-PREDICT - A method for Predicting Human Error in ATMEUROCONTROL2008-06-02
FASTI - Cognitive Task Analysis 2007EUROCONTROL2008-06-02
AIBN - Accident Report 2007/23AIBN (Norway)2008-06-03
TSB - Aviation Investigation Report A03O0285TSB (Canada)2008-06-05
TSB - Aviation Investigation Report A05Q0157TSB (Canada)2008-06-05
The Practicalities of Goal-Based Safety RegulationJ Penny, A Eaton, PG Bishop & RE Bloomfield2009-10-19
Critical Incident Stress Management: CISM Implementation GuidelinesEUROCONTROL2021-02-012021-02-10
CIAIAC - Technical Report A-006/2001Spanish Civil Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation Commission2008-06-09
BEA - Accident Report n-aa001224aBEA (France)2008-06-10
Integrated Safety Investigation Methodology (ISIM) - Investigating for Risk MitigationMarcel Ayeko2008-06-10
Maintenance Error Management through MEDAJeffrey A Bongard2008-06-10
CAP 760 - Guidance on the Conduct of Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and the Production of SaUK CAA2013-10-29
Example Application of Cockpit Emulator for Flight Analysis (CEFA)CEFA Aviation2008-06-10
Tools for Software fault avoidanceSTSARCES2008-06-10
The Markov Latent Effects Approach to Safety Assessment and Decision-MakingJ Arlin Cooper2008-06-10
FAA Advisory Circular 431-35.2: Reusable launch and Re-entry vehicle System Safety ProcessFAA2008-06-10
Human Factors Assessments in Investment AnalysisFAA2010-01-20
Rejected Take Offs - Causes, Problems and ConsequencesR.W.Chambertin2010-01-20
FAA Policy for Propeller Safety AnalysisFAA2008-06-10
Defence Standard 00-56 Part 1UKMOD2008-06-10
Safety Letter - Safety Management in Air Navigation Services - Nov 2000EUROCONTROL2013-10-24
Situation Awareness, Automation & Free FlightMica R Endsley2008-06-10
Need for novel approach in aviation safety validationEUROCONTROL2008-06-10
Petri nets and Hybrid-state Markov processes in a power-hierarchy of dependability modelsMariken Everdij & Henk Blom, National Aerospace Laboratory NLR2008-12-16
Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes represented by Dynamically Coloured Petri Nets, StochasticsNational Aerospace Laboratory NLR2008-06-10
Assessment Framework for Human Factors Process ImprovementFAA2008-06-10
THEA - Human Error Analysis for Requirements DefinitionUniversity of York, UK2008-06-10
Human Engineering for an effective air-navigation and traffic-control systemOhio State University2008-06-10
Hierarchical Bayesian Networks - A Probabilistic Reasoning Model for Structured DomainsUniversity of Bristol, UK2008-06-10
EUR Doc 019 / NAT Doc 006 Part II: Volcanic Ash Contingency Plan (ed. 2.0)ICAO2016-07-012016-09-06
FSD May 1983 - Volcanic Hazards and Aviation SafetyFlight Safety Foundation2008-06-14
HindSight 7 - 9√ P and All ThatIan Wigmore2013-10-30
HindSight 7 - 50 Years After MunichIan Wigmore2013-10-30
HindSight 7 - Caught between Scylla and CharybdisEUROCONTROL2013-10-30
HindSight 7 - Cumulonimbus - more frightening than Bengt's mother-in-lawJohn Barrass2013-10-30
HindSight 7 - Flying the Wrong SID - Why does it happen?Gerard van Es2013-10-30
HindSight 7 - Getting the Wind UpEUROCONTROL2013-10-30
HindSight 7 - Predicting Thunderstorm ActivityBertrand de Courville2013-10-30
HindSight 7 - Wind, Friend and FoeDennis Hart2013-10-30
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Elements of Airmanship - ChecklistFlight Safety Foundation2009-07-14
Error ManagementFlight Safety Foundation2009-07-14
Situational AwarenessFlight Safety Foundation2009-07-16
The Importance of Synergy Between Flight Deck and Cabin CrewsFlight Safety Foundation2009-07-15
Understanding Visual Illusions and DisorientationFlight Safety Foundation2009-07-15
AirmanshipFlight Safety Foundation2013-10-25
Critical ThinkingFlight Safety Foundation2009-07-15
DisciplineFlight Safety Foundation2009-07-15
Understanding Spatial DisorientationFlight Safety Foundation2020-02-28
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Operations Golden RulesFlight Safety Foundation2009-07-15
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FSF ALAR Briefing Note 1.4 - Standard Calls Flight Safety Foundation2013-10-25
FSF ALAR Briefing Note 1.5 - Normal Checklists Flight Safety Foundation2013-10-25
FSF ALAR Briefing Note 1.6 - Approach Briefing Flight Safety Foundation2013-10-25
FSF ALAR Briefing Note 2.1 - Human Factors Flight Safety Foundation2013-10-25
FSF ALAR Briefing Note 2.2 - Crew Resource Management Flight Safety Foundation2013-10-25
FSF ALAR Briefing Note 2.3 - Pilot-Controller Communication Flight Safety Foundation2013-10-25
FSF ALAR Briefing Note 2.4 - Interruptions/Distractions Flight Safety Foundation2013-10-26
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FSF ALAR Briefing Note 3.2 - Altitude Deviations Flight Safety Foundation2013-10-26
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FSF ALAR Briefing Note 5.4 - Wind Shear Flight Safety Foundation2013-10-26
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FSF ALAR Briefing Note 6.3 - Terrain-avoidance (Pull-up) Maneuver Flight Safety Foundation2013-10-26
FSF ALAR Briefing Note 6.4 - Bounce Recovery — Rejected Landing Flight Safety Foundation2013-10-26
FSF ALAR Briefing Note 7.1 - Stabilized Approach Flight Safety Foundation2013-10-26
FSF ALAR Briefing Note 8.1 - Runway ExcursionsFlight Safety Foundation2013-10-26
FSF ALAR Briefing Note 8.2 - The Final Approach Speed Flight Safety Foundation2013-10-26
FSF ALAR Briefing Note 8.3 - Landing Distances Flight Safety Foundation2013-10-26
FSF ALAR Briefing Note 8.4 - Braking Devices Flight Safety Foundation2013-10-26
FSF ALAR Briefing Note 8.5 - Wet or Contaminated Runways Flight Safety Foundation2013-10-26
FSF ALAR Briefing Note 8.6 - Wind Information Flight Safety Foundation2013-10-26
FSF ALAR Briefing Note 8.7 - Crosswind LandingsFlight Safety Foundation2013-10-26
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Managing Threats and Errors during Approach and LandingFlight Safety Foundation2009-11-01
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Low Speed After Take OffFlight Data Services2009-11-24
Go-Around ProcedureFlight Data Services2009-11-24
Landing in SnowFlight Data Services2009-11-24
Fuel Conservation For Short-Haul OperatorsFlight Data Services2009-11-24
Winglets and Low Power ApproachesFlight Data Services2009-11-24
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Correctng the Effects of Magnetic VariationBoeing2009-11-25
Pilot-Air Traffic Control communications: It’s not (only) what you say, it’s how you say itFlight Safety Foundation2009-11-26
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Diabetes mellitus and its effects on pilot performanceAustralian Transporttion Safety Bureau2009-12-08
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Public Attitudes, Perceptions and Behaviours towards Cabin Safety CommunicationsAustralian Transportation Board2009-12-09
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Hindsight 11 - Let's get rid of the bad pilotsProfessor Sidney Dekker2013-10-29
Hindsight 11 - Infringement is not always by 'puddle-jumpers'Captain Ed Pooley2013-10-29
Hindsight 11 - Case Study - My hovercraft is full of eelsBengt Collin2013-10-29
Hindsight 11 - What have we missed?Anthony Seychell2013-10-29
Hindsight 11 - Expect the unexpectedPedro Contreras Blanco2013-10-29
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Hindsight 11 - Airspace infringement: sudden & unexpectedNikolay Iotchev2013-10-29
Hindsight 11 - Getting the best out of APWDijana Pasic2013-10-29
Hindsight 11 - Tuesday lunch, my colleague and the new ATC systemSvetlana Bunjevac2013-10-29
Hindsight 11 - Aviation safety an evolution of changeTom Lintner2013-10-29
Hindsight 11 - A Monday in OctoberBengt-Inge Hallberg2013-10-29
Hindsight 11 - (Probably) see and (possibly) avoidStaislaw Drozdowski and Harry Hutchinson2013-10-29
Hindsight 11 - Another war storyVolker Stuhlsatz2013-10-29
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Final report on EC mandate to support the establishment of FABs EUROCONTROL2010-10-12
HindSight 20 - KeynoteFrank Brenner2014-12-012014-11-19
HindSight 20 - Local WarmingTzvetomir Blajev2014-12-012014-11-19
HindSight 20 -Human-centred automation for ATMProfessor Sidney Dekker2014-12-012014-11-19
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Initial and Recurrent Training for ARFF - Highlights of International DifferencesDan Pierce2013-08-26
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Some Thoughts on Reducing the Risk of Aircraft Loss of ControlDon Bateman2010-10-25
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NTSB - ENG06IA018 - RecommendationsNTSB2010-10-25
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Guidance on Introducing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Into Airline Maintenance Operations, IATA2013-10-24
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FOBN 5.1 - Approach Hazards AwarenessAirbus2010-11-08
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Regulation (EU) No 996/2010 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 October 2010 on the Europen Union2010-11-17
ATSB - Aviation Occurrence Investigation AO-2008-053, B744 depressurisation South China Sea, 25 JulyATSB (Australia)2010-11-24
Hindsight 12 - Case Study - Her new barbecue sauceBengt Collin2013-10-29
Hindsight 12 - A slippery businessMarcus Blomlöf2013-10-29
Hindsight 12 - Controllers and pilots teaming up to prevent runway excursionsCaptain Bill de Groh2013-10-29
Hindsight 12 - Runway friction characteristics measurement and aircraft brakingWerner Kleine-Beek2013-10-29
Approach and Landing Briefing Note 3.1 - Altimeter Setting - Use of Rdio AltimeterAirbus2013-10-26
Hindsight 12 - Runway excursionEUROCONTROL2013-10-30
Hindsight 12 - Understanding cockpit factorsCaptain Rob van Eekeren2013-10-29
Hindsight 12 - Runway excursions: clear to land... ready or notGraham Wadeson and Anne Isaac, NATS2013-10-30
Hindsight 12 - Some hidden dangers of tailwindGerard van Es2013-10-29
Hindsight 12 - The role of ATM in reducing the risk of runway excursionsJim Burin2013-10-29
Hindsight 12 - TCAP: an altitude capture enhancement to prevent TCAS RAsPaule Botargues2013-10-29
Hindsight 12 - AIRPROX - Altimeter System Error - What's my level?Chantal Bonnet2013-10-29
Preliminary Report Qantas A388 VH-OQA Batam Island, Indonesia 4 November 2010ATSB2010-12-03
Contingency Planning for Volcanic EruptionsIATA2010-12-06
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ATSB - Aviation Occurrence Report AO-2008-003: B744 electrical system eventATSB2010-12-15
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Jeppesen ChartsJim Tepstra2011-01-12
Circling TrapsDave Carbaugh2011-01-12
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Final Report Tu-154, Republic of Poland, Smolensk Russia, CFIT, 10 April 2010 (Russian version)MAK (Russian Federation)2011-01-20
Final Report Tu-154, Republic of Poland, Smolensk Russia, CFIT, 10 April 2010 (Polish comment)Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej2011-01-20
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Runway Safety - Use of Stop Bars 24HEUROCONTROL2011-01-26
Erasing ConfusionMichel Tremaud2011-01-28
Presentation - Identifying and Utilizing Precursors - Lisbon Mar 2010Michel Tremaud2013-10-24
Identifying and Using Precursors - A gateway to gate-to-gate safety enhancementMichel Tremaud2013-10-24
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Overview of ACAS II - (incorporating version 7.1), Version 3.2 – 24 July 2014EUROCONTROL2014-07-24
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ASM/ATFCM Procedure 3 Preliminary Safety CaseEUROCONTROL2011-02-21
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Scaring Engineers with Degrated modes TrainingC. Johnson2011-02-24
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CAST - SE179R2.0 DIP Wrong Runway Departure Safety Enhancement 179R1 Scenario based Training for PilCAST2018-09-172019-03-19
CAST - SE180R1.0 DIP Wrong Runway Departure Safety Enh 180 Scenario-Based Training for Tower ControlCAST2018-09-172019-03-19
Guidance on Degraded Modes Safety for Operational Engineering.EUROCONTROL2011-02-24
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SE 183 R3.1CAST2019-12-052020-02-03
NTSB - Aviation Incident Preliminary Report: DCA201A014NTSB2019-12-042020-02-06
CAST - SE184R1.0 DIP TAWS Minimum Vectoring Altitude ReevaluationCAST2018-09-172019-03-19
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Decision Making for General Aviation Pilots, Safety Promotion Leaflet EGAST2011-04-18
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Winter Operations, Friction Measurements and Conditions for Friction Predictions - Executive SummaryAIBN (Norway)2011-05-09
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Winter Operations, Friction Measurements and Conditions for Friction Predictions - Appendices A-ZAIBN (Norway)2013-01-24
Collision Avoidance must go beyond Flight Safety Foundation2011-05-09
NetAlert Newsletter Nov 08EUROCONTROL2011-05-09
NetAlert Newsletter Feb 09EUROCONTROL2011-05-09
NetAlert Newsletter June 09EUROCONTROL2011-05-09
NetAlert Newsletter Nov 09EUROCONTROL2011-05-09
NetAlert Newsletter Feb 10EUROCONTROL2011-05-09
NetAlert Newsletter Jul 10EUROCONTROL2011-05-09
NetAlert Newsletter Nov 10EUROCONTROL2011-05-09
NetAlert Newsletter Feb 11EUROCONTROL2011-05-09
RuFAB report volume IEASA2011-05-10
RuFAB report volume IIEASA2011-05-10
RuFAB report volume IIIEASA2011-05-10
RuFAB report volume IVEASA2011-05-10
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Participation of Military Aircraft in the RVSM ProgrammeEUROCONTROL2011-05-16
Safety RecommendationsNTSB2011-05-16
Policy Statement on Airworthiness Certification of Unmanned Aircraft SystemsSystems (UAS)EASA2011-05-16
Midair over the AmazonFlight Safety Foundation2011-05-16
Take FiveTransport Canada2011-05-16
Follow the RAAirbus2011-05-16
Hindsight 13 - (Complete document)EUROCONTROL2013-10-29
Hindsight 13 - It's about time - and how to use itBert Ruitenberg2013-10-29
Hindsight 13 - The ethics of fatigueProfessor Sidney Dekker2013-10-29
Hindsight 13 - Cross-country skiing in NorwayBeate Tellevik2013-10-29
Hindsight 13 - Sleep and fatigueAlberto Iovino2013-10-29
Hindsight 13 - Dying for a restAnne Isaac2013-10-29
Hindsight 13 - I know when I'm tiredAndy Kilner and Nuno Cebola2013-10-29
Hindsight 13 - Is controller fatigue as big a problem as pilot fatigue?Gerard van Es2013-10-29
Hindsight 13 - In the zoneKeith Cartmale and Ellen Beckers2013-10-29
Hindsight 13 - Using caffeine strategically to combat fatigueDr Alexander Holmes2013-10-29
Hindsight 13 - A fatigue risk management systemLydia Hambour2013-10-29
Hindsight 13 - But how do we measure it?Dr Arnab Majumdar2013-10-29
Hindsight 13 - Fatigue in air traffic controlProfessor Philippe Cabon2013-10-29
Hindsight 13 - Did you say fatigue regulation?Stephane Deharvengt2013-10-29
Hindsight 13 - Fatigue and alertness management for ATCJean-Jacques Speyer2013-10-29
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Hindsight 13 - Case Study - It's a long way from TipperaryBengt Collin2013-10-29
Hindsight 13 - Evolution is better than revolutionCaptain Ed Pooley2013-10-29
Hindsight 13 - An ATC-induced runway incursionEUROCONTROL2013-10-29
Hindsight 13 - Fatigue management in ATC - An important review of work done & work still to be doneEd Pooley2013-10-29
Operator errors relating to hazard analysesEurocontrol2011-05-19
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EUROCONTROL Safety Alert Poster - AircraftEUROCONTROL2011-09-15
EUROCONTROL Safety Alert Poster - CrimeEUROCONTROL2011-09-15
EUROCONTROL Safety Alert Poster - HerrissonEUROCONTROL2011-09-15
EUROCONTROL Safety Alert Poster - GooseEUROCONTROL2011-09-15
EUROCONTROL Safety Alert Poster - SorcererEUROCONTROL2011-09-15
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HindSight 14 - (complete document)EUROCONTROL2013-10-29
HindSight 14 Training in safety - Training is safetyCarlos Artero2011-12-14
HindSight 14 - Training for safetyMaciej Szczukowski2013-10-29
HindSight 14 - Simulated safety training - validity or fidelity?Sidney Dekker2013-10-29
HindSight 14 - Providing effective training for the unexpectedEd Pooley2013-10-29
HindSight 14 - Four-to-One - An Interview with Nina Linden, Stockholm-Arlanda TowerEUROCONTROL2013-10-29
HindSight 14 - Case Study - Some musica anyone?Bengt Collin2013-10-29
HindSight 14 - Case study comment 1Dragan Milanovski2013-10-29
HindSight 14 - Case study comment 3Ed Pooley2013-10-29
HindSight 14 - Gorillas in our midstAlberto Iovino2013-10-29
HindSight 14 - Of culture, catwalks and models in ATC initial trainingMax Bezzina2013-10-29
HindSight 14 - The Emperor's new clothes...or what exactly is TRMSvetlana Bunjevac2013-10-29
HindSight 14 - STCA training - yes, we can!Rui Manuel Santos Filipe2013-10-29
HindSight 14 - Practice makes perfectCharles Rizzo2013-10-29
HindSight 14 - Safety net nuisance alerts - more than just a numbers gameRod Howell2013-10-29
HindSight 14 - How can operational examples be used in training?Stanislaw Drozdowski2013-10-29
Hindsight 14 - eBriefing for ATC TrainingDragon Milanovski2013-10-29
HindSight 14 - Designing simulationsEmil Karlsson2013-10-29
HindSight 14 - The nudge in the backEileen Senger2013-10-29
REPORT IN-045/2006, CRJ2 engine failure, Barcelona, Spain, 27 July 2006CIAIAC (Spain)2011-12-15
The Use of EGPWS Data for Aviation Safety InvestigationNeil Campbell2011-12-15
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ATSB - Take-off performance calculation and entry errors: A global perspectiveATSB (Australia) 2011-12-18
ACAS II Bulletin No. 14 - Version 7.1 is coming... - January 2012EUROCONTROL2013-10-19
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Trust Observations in Validation ExercisesDeep Blue Srl2012-02-20
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Collision risk related to the usage of parallel runway for landing, L.J.P. Speijker, M.J.H CouwenberNational Airspace Laboratory (NLR)2012-03-28
UK AAIB Air Accident Report: 2/2011, Aerospatiale (Eurocopter) AS332 L2 Super Puma, 11 nm NE of PeteAAIB (UK)2012-04-01
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AAIB Bulletin 10/2011 EW/C2010/11/06, Boeing 737-76N, 5N-MJI, Southend Airport UK, 21 Nov 2010rrAAIB (UK)2013-10-19
Serious Incident REPORT, Boeing 738, Dublin Airport, Ireland, 16 Oct 2010AAIU (Ireland)2012-04-24
AAIB Bulletin 10/2011 EW/C2010/06/05, Boeing 777-236, G-YMMP, Singapore Int'l Airport, 14 Jun 2010AAIB (UK)2013-10-19
Serious Incident , B773, Lagos Nigeria, 11 Jan 2010BEA (France)2012-04-24
10 Things You Should Know About Safety Management Systems (SMS)Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SM ICG)2013-08-26
10 Things You Should Know About Safety Management Systems (SMS) (A4)Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SM ICG)2013-08-26
SM ICG SMS Evaluation ToolSafety Management International Collaboration Group (SM ICG)2012-05-01
Video Transcript The Late ChangeBengt Colin2012-05-03
Self Study Notes The Late ChangeBengt Colin2012-05-03
Video Transcript TGIFBengt Colin2012-05-03
Self Study Notes TGIFBengt Colin2012-05-03
Development of a Common Hazard TaxonomySafety Management International Collaboration Group (SM ICG)2012-06-10
A Common Approach to Safety Performance Measurement Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SM ICG)2013-08-26
The Senior Manager's Role in SMSSafety Management International Collaboration Group (SM ICG)2012-05-03
Determining the Value of SMS (A4)SM ICG2016-05-012016-05-25
Stabilised Approach Toolkit - Key Points for TrainersBengt Colin2012-06-18
AAIB Bulletin 10/2011 EW/C2011/01/04, Socata TBM 850, N850TV, Birmingham UK, 12 Jan 2011AAIB (UK)2013-10-19
HindSight 15 - (Complete Document)EUROCONTROL2013-10-29
Hindsight 15 - Serious about safetyJoe Sultana2013-10-29
Hindsight 15 - Emergency and unusual situations in the airCarlos Artero2013-10-29
Hindsight 15 - Sudoku of teamworkMaciej Szczukowski 2013-10-29
Hindsight 15 - This is a dangerous issueSidney Dekker 2013-10-29
Hindsight 15 - Being prepared – for worse than ‘expected’!Ed Pooley 2013-10-29
Hindsight 15 - Interceptions of Civil Aircraft - Operation of SSR and ACAS IIRichard “Sid” Lawrence 2013-10-29
Hindsight 15 - Request for Support Message - Reduced Runway Length Operations during Construction/WoRichard “Sid” Lawrence 2013-10-29
Hindsight 15 - Case Study - The garden partyBengt Collin2013-10-29
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HindSight 19 - DG's KeynoteFrank Brenner2014-06-30
HindSight 19 - If you are healthy, do you stop taking care of your health?Tzvetomir Blajev2014-06-30
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HindSight 19 - Case study Comment 2Captain Ed Pooley2014-06-30
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HindSight 20 - I love automationEileen Runge2014-12-012014-11-19
HindSight 20 - Case Study - On tour with Brent & SidBengt Collin2014-12-012014-11-19
HindSight 20 - Case study comment 1Dragan Milanovski2014-12-012014-11-19
HindSight 20 - Case study comment 2Alexander Krastev2014-12-012014-11-19
HindSight 20 - Case study comment 3Captain Ed Pooley2014-12-012014-11-19
HindSight 20 - Case study comment 4Captain Tom Becker2014-12-012014-11-19
HindSight 20 - Case study comment 5Mike Edwards2014-12-012014-11-19
HindSight 20 - Automation as alien: challenges for human factorsProfessor Thomas Sheridan2014-12-012014-11-19
HindSight 20 - Who needs automationJim Krieger2014-12-012014-11-19
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HindSight 20 - Safety and automationAdrian Bednarek2014-12-012014-11-20
HindSight 20 - Ergonomic system design in ATC - incorporating a user-centred approachAndre Perrott2014-12-012014-11-20
HindSight 20 - Safety nets vs controller's risk perception and risk managementJean-Marc Flon2014-12-012014-11-20
HindSight 20 - How to sharpen your automated toolsDr Kim Cardosi2014-12-012014-11-20
HindSight 20 - Flying - digital or analogue?Captain Pradeep Deshpande2014-12-012014-11-20
HindSight 20 - New ATC procedures - unintended effects on the flight deckColin Gill2014-12-012014-11-20
HindSight 20 - If it weren't for people...Dr Steven Shorrock2014-12-012014-11-20
HindSight 20 - Not all or nothing, not all the same: classifying automation in practiceDr Luca Save2014-12-012014-11-20
HindSight 20 - Maintaining basic skills while managing changeCaptain David McKenney2014-12-012014-11-20
HindSight 20 - Working on the edge of performance: the implications of automation Dr Tamsyn Edwards and Dr Barry Kirwan2014-12-012014-11-20
HindSight 20 - Automation on the flight deck, blessing or curseCaptain Dirk De Winter2014-12-012014-11-20
HindSight 20 - To follow or not that really a question?Stan Drozdowski and Harry Hutchinson2014-12-012014-11-20
HindSight 20 - Will we ever automate the tasks of the ATCO?Job Bruggen 2014-12-012014-11-20
HindSight 20 - Automation exceptions and flight path managementRoger Cox2014-12-012014-11-20
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From Perfection to PerformanceGretchen Haskins2016-06-132016-08-08
26 years of RA Downlink. The world has moved on. Have we?Toni Licu2016-06-132016-08-08
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The Future Through History - SMS Development and IntegrationCallie Choat2016-11-152016-12-02
Part of the Solution - The benefits of cooperation between government and industry and among governmArmando Martinez2016-11-152016-12-02
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Bell Helicopter Safety Management System ImplementationScott Harris2016-11-152016-12-02
HindSight 24 - KeynoteFrank Brenner2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - What I have tried to doTzvetomir Blajev2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - A runway incursion, and not peeing in your pantsProf. Sidney Dekker2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - Learning from experienceCaptain Ed Pooley2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - Case Study: The Missed OpportunityBengt Collin2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - Case Study Comment 1Radu Cioponea2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - Case Study Comment 2Captain Ed Pooley2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - Case Study Comment 3Mike Edwards2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - Hold Position!Captain Conor Nolan2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - Runway collision prevention - a first for Europe!Jean-Marc Flon, Thomas Tritscher and Arnaud Guihard2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - Understanding of runway safety, you must: return of the JEDIDr Ann Issac2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - What goes up must come downMaciej Szczukowski2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - FAA updateJames Fee2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - Runway safety IIJim Krieger2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - RWY AHEADLibor Kurzweil2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - A simple idea - no wind, no clearance, no runway collision!Patrick Legrand2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - Runway clearCaptain David Charles and Captain Andrew Elbert2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - Runway incursion prevention - a Safety II approachMaria Lundahl2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - To know what to instruct when!Captain Wolfgang Starke2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - That was close, how did that happen?Mike Edwards2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - Runway collision risk: what does safety science tell us?Dr Sybert Stroeve2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - A collaborative approach to improving airside clearance complianceDavy van Hyfte2016-12-062016-12-06
HindSight 24 - Preventing runway incursions with enhanced airfield geometryGael Le Bris2016-12-062016-12-06
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ENAIRE's Incident Contributors Assessment ProcedureJesús Romero (ENAIRE)2017-05-242017-06-08
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"A Tale of Two Cities” - Safety and Justice: How the Bridge Must Be BuiltProf. Dra. Irene Nadal Gómez2017-05-252017-06-08
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Just Culture within the Airlines: The Role of the Expert ExperienceJuan Carlos Lozano (SEPLA)2017-05-252017-06-08
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Just Culture Conversation between Aviation and Judiciary. Occurrence Scenario 2EUROCONTROL2017-05-262017-06-08
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Invitation, participation, connectionSteven Shorrock2017-06-012017-06-16
Malicious complianceSidney Dekker2017-06-012017-06-16
Can we ever imagine how work is done?Erik Hollnagel2017-06-012017-06-16
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Effectiveness of implementing Industry Practice, Recommendations and Technology at Airline levelMattias Pak, Cargolux2017-06-262017-06-29
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Mindlessness and Mindfulness in Runway IncursionsCapt Pang Ying Qun, Xiamen Airlines2017-06-262017-06-29
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SM ICG Industry Day 16 May 2017 - Industry Day ArticleSM ICG2017-05-162017-06-29
SM ICG Industry Day 16 May 2017 - Attendee ListSM ICG2017-05-162017-06-29
SM ICG Industry Day 16 May 2017 - Abstracts and BiosSM ICG2017-05-162017-06-29
SMS the way forwardCorporate Aviation Safety Executive2017-05-162017-06-29
The Risk ObservatoryJoram Verstaeten, NLR2017-05-162017-06-29
SMS Interfaces: Operator-CAMO-MaintenanceJorge Leite, TAP2017-05-162017-06-29
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SMS Interfaces - A Human Factors PerspectiveAndy Evans2017-05-162017-06-29
International SMS StandardSM ICG2017-05-162017-06-29
Example of SMS interface management between Manufacturer and SupplierSophie Rouge, Airbus2017-05-162017-06-29
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That was a runway incursion - or was it? Thoughts on interpretationIan Witter2017-06-262017-07-03
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HindSight 26: The voice of an angelSidney Dekker2017-12-152017-12-27
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HindSight 26:My very safe near missIstván Hegedus2017-12-152017-12-27
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HindSight 26: Have you listened to your neighbours lately?J. Esteves, A. G. Compas2017-12-152017-12-27
HindSight 26: How fierce competitors joined forces to make offshore helicopter operations saferGretchen Haskins2017-12-152017-12-27
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HindSight 26: EUROCONTROL: connecting people for safetyTony Licu2017-12-152017-12-27
HS26: Building healthy teams: multiprofessional team training for the operating theatre environmentBryn Baxendale2017-12-152017-12-27
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Objectif SECURITE 27: A matter of trustDSAC (France)2017-11-012017-12-28
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SM ICG Industry Day May 2018 - ParticipantsSM ICG2018-05-082018-06-11
Using Data to become PredictiveSM ICG2018-05-082018-06-11
SM ICG Industry Day May 2018 - Speaker BiographiesSM ICG2018-05-082018-06-12
Targeted InspectionsSM ICG2018-05-082018-06-12
Lessons Learned at YVRSM ICG2018-05-082018-06-12
SM ICG Industry Day May 2018 - Industry Day ArticleSM ICG2018-05-082018-06-12
Reporting and Analysing Data Equals Positive Safety OutcomesSM ICG2018-05-082018-06-12
Data Informed Decision MakingSM ICG2018-05-082018-06-12
UAS Flight Planning and Operational Safety and Risk Decision IntelligenceSM ICG2018-05-082018-06-12
SMM and the Safety Possibilities with Good DataSM ICG2018-05-082018-06-12
Vision: Data Driven Decision-MakingSM ICG2018-05-082018-06-12
Data Based Decision MakingSM ICG2018-05-082018-06-12
TCAS RA not followed (Poster)EUROCONTROL2018-05-292018-06-12
Risk Culture in Commercial Air Transport (poster)Cranfield University2018-05-292018-06-12
Advisory Circular 700-41 - Performance-Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS)Transport Canada2018-05-182018-06-12
Work as Never ImaginedFAA2018-05-292018-06-12
Understanding Pilot Wellbeing and Its Impact on Flight SafetySM ICG2018-05-292018-06-12
Integrated Processing of Operational Flight Data (poster)SM ICG2018-05-292018-06-12
Safety Behaviour, Procedures and KnowledgeCapt Ed Pooley2018-05-292018-06-13
Using Situational Judgement Responses to assess workforce knowledge and readiness to enact critical Prof. Bryn Baxendale2018-05-292018-06-13
Non-Compliance The COMMON FactorJo Gillespie2018-05-292018-06-13
Walking the tan - Delivering on Safety BehavioursCapt John Monks and Capt Stefano Prola2018-05-012018-06-13
Procedures in the wildTom Laursen2018-05-292018-06-13
Using FDM to Influence Pilot BehaviourCapt Richard Weeks and Pedro Duarte2018-05-292018-06-13
Rethinking the briefingCapt Rich Loudon and Capt David Moriarty2018-05-292018-06-13
Royal Air Force Military Parachuting Safety Processes: Reducing DriftWg Cdr Jamie Simmonds2018-05-292018-06-13
Safety Behaviours: work-as-imagined vs work-as-doneMagnus McCabe2018-05-292018-06-13
Conscientiousness and safety behaviour in pilots and aerospace engineersPaul Dickens2018-05-292018-06-13
Culture de SécuritéSM ICG2018-05-082018-06-19
Improvement of Airline Pilots' Situation Awareness through Integrated Processing of FDMKeyvan Bayram2018-05-292018-06-19
IFALPA Briefing Leaflet - China RVSMIFALPA2008-11-012018-06-21
ACAS Bulletin 23: Equipment MattersEUROCONTROL2018-06-202018-06-22
Findings, Strategies and Action Opportunities: 2018 Safety Forum, Safety BehavioursEUROCONTROL2018-06-272018-06-28
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SAFO 18003: Procedures for Addressing Odors, Smoke and/or Fumes in FlightFAA2018-03-262018-07-08
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CAP 1595: UK Aviation Safety Review 2016UK CAA2017-12-012018-07-08
Report on the Air Accident near Turoy, Oygarden Municipality, Hordland County, Norway 29 April 2016 AIBN (Norway)2018-07-012018-07-10
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Appendix D to SL 2018/04 (EC225LP LN-OJF accident report)AIBN (Norway)2018-07-012018-07-10
Appendix F to SL 2018/04 (EC225LP LN-OJF accident report)AIBN (Norway)2018-07-012018-07-10
Appendix G to SL 2018/04 (EC225LP LN-OJF accident report)AIBN (Norway)2018-07-012018-07-10
Appendix H to SL 2018/04 (EC225LP LN-OJF accident report)AIBN (Norway)2018-07-012018-07-10
Appendix I to SL 2018/04 (EC225LP LN-OJF accident report)Airbus Helicopters2018-07-012018-07-10
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COSPAS-SARSAT System Overview and StatusLett, Steven2014-01-012018-07-15
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Final Report F100, Nuremberg Germany, 20 Jan 2015BFU (Germany)2018-01-312018-08-01
Safety Benefits of Introducing Drug and Alcohol Testing for Safety Sensitive Personnel in AviationDOTARS (Australia) & CASA2006-01-302018-08-03
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Boeing Aero Magazine - Q3 2007The Boeing Company1970-01-012018-08-18
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Final Report B738 (VH-VZZ), west of Canberra Australia, 13 Mar 2017ATSB (Australia)2018-03-142018-08-23
HindSight 27 - Full DocumentEUROCONTROL2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - (complete document)EUROCONTROL1970-01-012018-09-05
HindSight 27 - Vive la competenceSteven Shorrock2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - The dark sideRhona Flin2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - The good, the bad and the uglyAshley Lauryssen2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - Competence: Lagging or leading?Erik Hollnagel2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - Competency based training: Visible and invisible competenciesKatrien Peeters2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - Developing non-technical skillsFlorence Marie Jegoux2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - The tyreSvetlana Bunjevac2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - Questioning for competencyEmmanuelle Gravillon, Caroline Fauquembergue, Julie Baltet and Sylvain Dumousset2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - Team resource management: Implementation survey 2017Anthony Seychell and Svetlana Bunjevac2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - ATC simulation: a controller-led approachJuan Antonio Lombo Moruno2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - INTERLAB: Supporting non-technical skills trainingFabrice Drogoul2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - Helping trainee controllers achieve their dreamsNeil May2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - Preparing for the unexpectedAnders Ellerstrand2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - Competency and moral dilemmas: “What would you do?”Steven Shorrock, Anna Wennerberg, and Tony Licu2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - Expertise and competency for contingencyÖnder Toydemir and Arife Aycan Mutlu2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - Supporting pilot competenceCapt. Ed Pooley2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - Regulatory and oversight competency: The ladder of abstractionStefano Oberti2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - The evolution of competency: From individual expertise to group competencyLudovic Mieusset and Sébastien Follet2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - Competency and expertise for the future of ATMLinda Napoletano2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - Competence in surgery: From me to usCraig McIlhenny2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - Achieving expertise through marginal gains: a rail perspectivePaul Leach and Phillipa Murphy2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - Good practice vignettesvarious authors2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - Expertise in elite professional golfers: An interview with Lee CrombleholmeSteven Shorrock and Lee Crombleholme2018-08-312018-09-05
HindSight 27 - ForewordEUROCONTROL2018-08-312018-09-05
ICAO Doc 9640: Manual of Aircraft Ground De-icing/Anti-icing Operations, 3rd edition (unedited)ICAO2018-05-162018-09-06
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HindSight 27 - online SupplementEUROCONTROL2018-08-312018-09-06
Report No. AV2018058: FAA Faces Challenges in Implementing and Measuring the Effectiveness...FAA2018-06-272018-09-07
EASA SIB No 2018-12: Post de-icing/anti-icing checksEASA2018-07-272018-09-07
HindSight 27 - Competency in power generation and distribution: four kinds of knowledgeRob Miles2018-08-312018-09-07
HindSight 27 - Regulating the competence of ATM staffGauthier Sturtzer and Eamonn Wylie2018-08-312018-09-07
HindSight 27 - Talking about pilot and controller training and competenciesFlorence-Marie Jégoux and Jérôme Schimpff2018-08-312018-09-07
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HindSight 28 - (complete document)EUROCONTROL2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - A desk is a dangerous place from which to watch the worldSteven Shorrock 2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - Four modes of change:to, for, with, byCormac Russell2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - Mode switching in air traffic controlZsofi Berkes and Miguel Aulet2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - Not so fast: resisting the urge for urgencyMark Hughes2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - How not to perform a runway changeAlexander Schwassmann2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - One step at a time...Sebastian Daeunert2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - The curious incident of the runway incursion in the night-timeSteven Shorrock 2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - Seeing the need for change...from the outsideFlorence-Marie Jegoux, Ludovic Mieusset, and Sebastian Follet2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - Are you thinking about Jim?Adrian Bednarek2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - H-Day: a success story from 50 years agoAnders Ellerstrand2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - Close encounters of the legal kind: a need for airspace change?Mark Baumgartner2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - Adapting to small changesJulie Baltet2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - GNSS rules ok!Emmanuelle Gravalon2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - The dance of change in Turkish airspaceÖnder Toydemir and Arife Aycan Mutlu2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - Safety management Q&ASantiago Cortes2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - Changing jobs: old habits die hardCaroline Fauquembergue2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - Retirement - the end or a new start?Anders Ellerstrand2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - The just culture journey in Europe: looking back and looking forwardRoderick van Dam, Maria Kovacova and Tony Licu2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - The long read: positive just culture for modern timesForentino-Gregorio Ruiz Yamuza2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - Quick brief: EU 2017/373Anthony Seychell2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - Social partners for change managementAaron Curtis2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - Hidden changeNick Carpenter2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - Adaptation at sea: hindsight and foresightNippin Anand2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - Bottom-up safety change in healthcare: overcoming resistance to obvious improvementsRob Hackett2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - Don't be a superhero: recognising stress and building resillienceThomas Hellwig2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - Thoughts from a velvet sofaMaciej Szczukowski2019-02-012019-02-05
HindSight 28 - Learning from psychology and psychotherapy: a conversation with David MurphyDavid Murphy and Steven Shorrock2019-02-012019-02-05
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