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ATC Refresher Training Baseline - scenario matrix table EUROCONTROL
ATC Refresher Training Manual, ed.1.0, March 2015 EUROCONTROL
CAP 715 - An Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Human Factors for JAR 66 UK CAA
Coping with Long Range Flying Airbus (in co-operation with the Direction Générale de l’Aviation Civile & the University René)
Culture in the cockpit - CRM in multicultural world (Journal of Air Transportation Worldwide, vol 5, Michael Engle, NASA
EUROCONTROL Guidelines for TRM Good Practices EUROCONTROL
FAA AC 120-72A: Maintenance Human Factors Training FAA
Guidelines for the Management of Complex Situations Michel Tremaud
HF Case Issue Mind Map EUROCONTROL
Operator's Manual - Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance FAA
Safety Behaviours: Human Factors Resource Guide for Engineers CASA (Australia)
Transport Canada - Human Performance Factors for Elementary Work and Servicing TC14175 Transport Canada