SE044: Runway Occupancy Signal (R-D)

SE044: Runway Occupancy Signal (R-D)


The purpose of this project is to develop and install airport visual aids that provide clear guidance (taxi route, runway entrance, runway exit and construction area avoidance) for flight crews and other persons operating aircraft and vehicles on the movement area. It is intended that this project will provide unambiguous visual signals to convey runway occupancy clearances as well as to convey runway occupancy status to aircraft on final approach to a runway. Such visual aids are intended to prevent runway incursions and surface incidents and improve situational awareness. The systems will comply with appropriate aviation standards and be visible under all meteorological conditions. Configuration, installation and performance standards will be developed as a part of this statement of work. Final configuration and application of each safety enhancement is dependent upon the implementation of associated technologies, operational and workload factors, and benefit-cost analyses.

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Research completed; alternative technologies are under consideration. These programs reside in the FAA Portfolio Management & Technology Development.


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