International Federation of AirLine Pilots Associations (IFALPA)

International Federation of AirLine Pilots Associations (IFALPA)


The International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations (IFALPA)is a non - political, non - profit making organisation which represents over 100,000 pilots in over 90 Member Associations around the world.

Organisation Mission Statement

The organisation’s mission statement is: ““The Mission of IFALPA is to be the global voice of airline pilots, promoting the highest level of aviation safety world-wide and providing services, support and representation to all of its Member Associations.””

IFALPA Safety Bulletins

IFALPA issues a number of Safety Bulletins which will be of interest to all aviation professionals, including, for example:

  • FAA changes ILS approach procedures
  • ATC Operations in Brazilian Airspace
  • 250kts below FL100 limit in London TMA
  • Misuse of rapid exit taxiways Increased risk of runway incursion at KLAX

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