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Edit Accident: B738, Limoges France, 2008 (RE WX HF)

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Accident Form

Day/Night: None Not Recorded Day Night
Flight Conditions: None Not Recorded VMC IMC On Ground - Low Visibility On Ground - Normal Visibility
One sentence description:
Validation Code:

Add Aircraft Involved

Type of Flight: None Not Recorded Private Public Transport (Passenger) Public Transport (Cargo) Public Transport (Non Revenue) Military/State Aerial Work Out of Service
Flight Origin:
Intended Destination:
Actual Destination:
Take-off Commenced: None Yes No
Flight Airborne: None Yes No
Flight Completed: None Yes No
Phase of Flight: None Parked Standing Pushback/towing Taxi Take Off Climb Cruise Descent Missed Approach Landing Manoeuvring

Add Location en-route

Add Location Airport
Airport: In Vicinity of airport:

Add Location

Add General Tags

Add AGC Tags

Add AI Tags

Add BS Tags

Add CFIT Tags

Add FIRE Tags

Add HF Tags
Tags: Aircraft acceptance ATC clearance error ATC Unit Co-ordination Authority Gradient Data use error Distraction Ergonomics Fatigue Flight / Cabin Crew Co-operation Flight Crew / Ground Crew Co-operation Flight Crew Incapacitation Flight Crew Visual Inspection Food Poisoning Pre Flight Data Input Error Inappropriate ATC Communication Inappropriate crew response - skills deficiency Inappropriate crew response (automatics) Inappropriate crew response (technical fault) Ineffective Monitoring Maintenance Visual Inspection Manual Handling Pilot Medical Fitness Plan Continuation Bias Procedural non compliance Spatial Disorientation Stress Violation Dual Sidestick Input Ineffective Monitoring - PIC as PF Ineffective Monitoring - SIC as PF AP/FD and/or ATHR status awareness

Add GND Tags

Add LB Tags

Add LOC Tags

Add LOS Tags

Add RI Tags

Add RE Tags
Tags: Overrun on Take Off Overrun on Landing Directional Control Undershoot on Landing Wrong Runway Excessive Airspeed RTO decision after V1 High Speed RTO (V above 80 but not above V1) Unable to rotate at VR Frozen Deposits Collision Avoidance Action Parallel Approach Operations Excess Water Depth Late Touchdown Significant Tailwind Component Significant Crosswind Component Thrust Reversers not fitted Landing Performance Assessment Off side of Runway Misalignment on runway Taxiway Take Off/Landing Runway Length Temporarily Reduced Intentional Premature Rotation Incorrect Aircraft Configuration Reduced Thrust Take Off Fixed Obstructions in Runway Strip Ineffective Use of Retardation Methods Continued Take Off Continued Landing Roll Excessive Exit to Taxiway Speed

Add WAKE Tags

Add WX Tags
Tags: In Flight Airframe Icing In Flight Icing - Piston Engine In Flight Icing - Turbine Engine CAT encounter En route In-cloud air turbulence Hail damage Volcanic Ash Effects Sand/Dust limited IFV Fog In Cloud on Visual Clearance Precipitation-limited IFV Strong Surface Winds Mountain Waves Lightning Damage Low Level Windshear

Add EPR Tags
Tags: Emergency Descent Emergency Evacuation Airport Emergency Medical Response MAYDAY declaration PAN declaration “Emergency” declaration Slide Malfunction RFFS Procedures Evacuation difficulties in Water Delay in Declaration of Emergency Water Impact Fuel Status Ballistic Recovery System Status RFFS Hazard to Evacuees Aircraft Exit Injuries Cabin Baggage Issues

Add CS Tags

Add AW Tags

Add Safety Net Mitigation

Add Outcome

Damage or injury:
Aircraft damage: None Minor Major Hull loss
Non-aircraft damage:
Non-occupant casualties:
Occupant Injuries: None Few occupants Many occupants Most or all occupants
Occupant Fatalities: None Few occupants Many occupants Most or all occupants
Off Airport Landing:

Add Causal Factor Group(s)

Causal Factor Group(s): Aircraft Operation Aircraft Technical Air Traffic Management Airport Operation

Add Safety Recommendations

Safety Recommendations: None Made Aircraft Operation Aircraft Airworthiness Air Traffic Management Airport Management

Add Investigation Type

Investigation Type: None Independent Other

Accident Report text:


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