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A veer off or overrun off the runway surface. (ICAO)

Occurrence Types

Note: This SKYbrary category includes two types of occurrences, notably "Undershoot on Landing" and "Wrong Runway Use", which do not fit the ICAO ADREP definition for a runway excursion. However, their inclusion has been considered appropriate due to the commonality of a number of causal and contributory factors and/or mitigation approaches.

Articles with knowledge related to Runway Excursions are arranged within the following sub-categories - click on the icons to view the full list of articles. Because of their nature, some articles are listed in more than one sub-category...

  • Overrun on Take Off
Overrun on Take Off
A departing aircraft fails to become airborne or successfully reject the take off before reaching the end of the runway.
  • Overrun on Landing
Overrun on Landing
A landing aircraft is unable to stop before the end of the runway is reached.
  • Directional Control
Directional Control
An aircraft taking off, rejecting take off or landing departs the side of the runway.
  • Undershoot on Landing
Undershoot on Landing
An aircraft attempting a landing touches down in the undershoot area of the designated landing runway within the aerodrome perimeter.
  • Wrong Runway Use
Wrong Runway Use
An aircraft landing or taking off, or attempting to land or take off, on a taxiway or a runway that is not active.

Research and Statistics

Checklists & Toolkits

IATA/ICAO Runway Excursion Risk Reduction Toolkit

Accident and Serious Incident Reports

European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Excursions

For a fuller overview of this issue, see the article: Runway Excursion.

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