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Canary Islands

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Territory information
Name Canary Islands
ICAO Territory GC ES.gif
ICAO Region Europe


Spain, officially Kingdom of Spain, has Madrid as its capital.

Airports in Canary Islands

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Accidents in Canary Islands

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Operators based in Canary Islands

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Airport listing of Canary Islands

El Hiero AirportGCHIEl HierroEl Hierro103 feet31.394 m
Fuerteventura AirportGCFVPuerto del RosarioEl Matorral86 feet26.213 m
Gran CanariaGCLPGran Canaria
La GomeraGCGMSan Sebastián de la Gomera
La Palma AirportGCLALa PalmaVilla de Mazo108 feet32.918 m
Tenerife Norte/Los RodeosGCXOSanta Cruz de Tenerife
Tenerife Sur/Reina SofiaGCTSGranadilla de Abona