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Name 404 Titan
Manufacturer CESSNA
Body Narrow
Type Fixed Wing
WTC Light
Engine Piston
Engine count Multi

Also manufacturered as:

CESSNA 404 Titan

CESSNA 404 Titan

CESSNA 404 Titan

Image source: IANS


Corporate, commuter and freight aircraft. In service since 1976. Cessna's largest piston engined twin with an unpressurized fuselage of same dimensions of the turbine powered 441 Conquest. Exists in three versions: Titan Ambassador for passenger operation, Titan Freighter as cargo aircraft and Titan Courier for mixed operation. From 1980 with wingtips. Production ceased in 1982. A turbo-prop version, REIMS F406 Caravan 2 is still in production.


Aircraft name 404 Titan
ICAO code/WTC C404 / L
Manufacturer CESSNA
Type code/APC L2P /

Technical Data

Wing span 15.1 m49.541 ft
Length 11.9 m39.042 ft
Height 4 m13.123 ft
Powerplant 2 x 375 HP Continental GTSIO-520-M turbocharged piston engines with 3 blade propellers.
Engine model Continental O-520

Accidents & Serious Incidents involving C404

  • C404, Glasgow UK, 1999 (HF LOC FIRE) (On 3rd September 1999, shortly after take-off from Glasgow UK, a Cessna 404 experienced an engine failure which was mishandled, leading to loss of control, and the aircraft was destroyed by a post-crash fire.)
  • C404, Kulusuk Greenland, 2002 (WX LOC HF) (On 1 August 2002, a Cessna 404, en-route at FL130 over Greenland, experienced sudden power loss on both engines, probably as a result of ice in the induction systems, leading to loss of control. The crew regained control at 3000 feet.)
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