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Name Pathfinder 21
Manufacturer SOLOY
Body Narrow
Wing Fixed Wing
WTC Light
Type code L2T
Engine Turboprop
Engine count Multi
Mass group UNK

Manufacturered as:

SOLOY Pathfinder 21
SOLOY 208 Pathfinder 21
SOLOY 208 Dual-Pac Caravan
SOLOY Dual-Pac Caravan

SOLOY Pathfinder 21

SOLOY Pathfinder 21


The Soloy Pathfinder 21 is a twin engined, single propeller turboprop aircraft manufactured by the Soloy Corporation, and based on the successful Cessna 208 airframe. The aircraft is essentially a stock Cessna 208 airframe that has been stretched by 1.82 m, with structural reinforcement, and is powered by twin Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6D-114A engines in a DualPack (gearbox) configuration. Only one produced for certification purposes.

Technical Data

Wing span 15.88 m52.1 ft
Length 14.30 m46.916 ft
Height 5.02 m16.47 ft
Powerplant 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6D-114A Soloy DualPack turboprop, 1329 hp (991.05 kW) combined output each.
Engine model Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6

Accidents & Serious Incidents involving C08T

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