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Article Information
Category: Aircraft Types Aircraft Types
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Name A-40 Albatross
Manufacturer BERIEV
Body Narrow
Wing Fixed Wing
WTC Medium
Type code A2J
Engine Jet
Engine count Multi

Also manufacturered as:

BERIEV Albatross
BERIEV A-40 Albatross

BERIEV A-40 Albatross

BERIEV A-40 Albatross


The Beriev A-40 Al'batros ("Albatross", NATO reporting name: Mermaid) was a jet-engined amphibious flying boat designed by the Beriev Aircraft Company for the anti-submarine warfare role. Intended as a replacement for the Beriev Be-12 amphibian and the land-based Ilyushin Il-38, the project was suspended after only two prototypes had been manufactured, due to the break up of the Soviet Union.

Technical Data

Wing span 41.62 m136.549 ft
Length 43.84 m143.832 ft
Height 11.00 m36.089 ft
Powerplant 2 x Soloviev D-30KPV turbofans, 117.7 kN (26,455 lbF) each;

Takeoff boosters: 2 x Kolesov RD36-35 turbojets, 23 kN (5,180 lbF) each.

Engine model Kolesov RD-36-51, Soloviev D-30

Accidents & Serious Incidents involving BER4

None on SKYbrary

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