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B707 Series

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Medium to long range airliner/freighter. Boeing 707 family includes the following modifications:

Aircraft Family Members
ICAO Type Designator Name Length (m)


Aircraft 707-100 707-300
Overall Length 44.07 m144.587 ft 46.61 m152.92 ft
Wing Span 39.9 m130.906 ft 44.4 m145.669 ft
Engines 4 x P&W JT3D-1 (76.2 kN) turbofans. 4 x P&W JT3D-3 (80.1 kN) or
4 x P&W JT3D-7 (84.4 kN) turbofans.
Passengers (2 class config.) 110 147
Max. Range 3,530 nm6,537,560 m
6,537.56 km
21,448,687.68 ft
5,000 nm9,260,000 m
9,260 km
30,380,577.45 ft
Maximum takeoff weight 86.184 tonnes86,184 kg 150.8 tonnes150,800 kg

Accidents & Serious Incidents involving B707 Series