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Name B-52 Stratofortress
Manufacturer BOEING
Body Narrow
Wing Fixed Wing
WTC Heavy
Type code L8J
Engine Jet
Engine count Multi
Mass group UNK

Manufacturered as:

BOEING B-52 Stratofortress
BOEING Stratofortress

BOEING B-52 Stratofortress

BOEING B-52 Stratofortress BOEING B-52 Stratofortress 3D


Strategic long range bomber. In service since 1955. Replacement for strategic air commands B-50. Development of the B-29 Superfortress. A number of 744 aircraft were built. Last Turbofan powered version B-52H is to remain in service past 2000. Re-engined 4 CFM engines version of B-52H for US Air Force proposed by BOEING. Max Mach 0.86

Technical Data

Wing span 56.4 m185.039 ft
Length 48.03 m157.579 ft
Height 12.4 m40.682 ft
Powerplant 52: 8 x 47.63 kN Pratt & Whitney J57-P-19 W/29WA (with water injection 8 x 62.42 kN) turbojets.

52H: 8 x 75,6 kN Pratt & Whitney JT3D (USAF code:Pratt & Whitney TF33-P-3) or 4 x 192 kN R-R RB211 turbofans.

Engine model Pratt & Whitney JT3D, Pratt & Whitney J57, Rolls-Royce RB211

Accidents & Serious Incidents involving B52

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