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Category: Aircraft Types Aircraft Types
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Name A-318
Manufacturer AIRBUS
Body Narrow
Type Fixed Wing
WTC Medium
Engine Jet
Engine count Multi

Also manufacturered as:

AIRBUS A-318 Elite



Image source: IANS


Medium Range passenger jet manufactured by Airbus. The A318 is the shorter variant of the A320 family of aircraft.


Aircraft name A-318
ICAO code/WTC A318 / M
Manufacturer AIRBUS
Type code/APC L2J / C

Technical Data

Wing span 34.1 m111.877 ft
Length 31.45 m103.182 ft
Height 12.56 m41.207 ft
Powerplant 2 x 90kN P&W PW6124 or 2 x 98kN CFM 56-5B turbofans.
Engine model CFM International CFM56, Pratt & Whitney PW6000

Accidents & Serious Incidents involving A318

  • A318 / B738, en-route, Trasadingen Switzerland, 2009 (LOS HF) (On 8 June 2009, an Airbus A318-100 being operated by Air France on a scheduled passenger flight from Belgrade, Serbia to Paris CDG in day VMC came into conflict with a Boeing 737-800 being operated by Ryanair on a scheduled passenger flight from Nottingham East Midlands UK to Bergamo Italy. The conflict was resolved mainly by TCAS RA response and there were no injuries to any occupants during the avoidance manoeuvres carried out by both aircraft.)
  • A318/B738, Nantes France, 2010 (LOC RE LOS HF) (On 25 May 2010 an Air France Airbus A318 making an automatic landing off an ILS Cat 2 approach at Nantes experienced interference with the ILS LOC signal caused by a Boeing 737-800 which was departing from the same runway but early disconnection of the AP removed any risk of un-correctable directional control problems during the landing roll. Both aircraft were operating in accordance with their ATC clearances. Investigation attributed the conflict to the decision of TWR not to instruct the A318 to go around and because of diminished situational awareness.)
  • A318/B739, vicinity Amsterdam Netherlands, 2007 (LOS HF) (On 6 December 2007 an Airbus A318 being operated by Air France on a scheduled passenger flight from Lyon to Amsterdam carried out missed approach from runway 18C at destination and lost separation in night VMC against a Boeing 737-900 being operated by KLM on a scheduled passenger flight from Amsterdam to London Heathrow which had just departed from runway 24. The conflict was resolved by correct responses to the respective coordinated TCAS RAs after which the A318 passed close behind the 737. There were no abrupt manoeuvres and none of the 104 and 195 occupants respectively on board were injured.)
  • PC12 /A318, en-route north east of Toulouse France, 2010 (LOS AW HF) (On 2 June 2010, an Airbus A318 being operated by Air France on a scheduled passenger flight from Lyon to Toulouse was about 90nm northeast of Toulouse when it came into close proximity in day VMC with a Spanish-registered Pilatus PC12 being operated by Norestair SL on a non revenue positioning flight from Buochs, Switzerland to San Sebastian, Spain which was travelling on the same track and in the same direction.)

Further Reading

  • Airbus reference document which provide to airlines, MROs, airport planners and operators the general dimensions of the aircraft, as well as the necessary information for ramp, servicing operations or maintenance preparation: Airbus A318: Airplane characteristics for aiport planning AC, 01 June 2012
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