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Article Information
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Name A-10 Thunderbolt 2
Manufacturer FAIRCHILD
Body Narrow
Type Fixed Wing
WTC Medium
Engine Jet
Engine count Multi

Also manufacturered as:

FAIRCHILD (1) Thunderbolt 2
FAIRCHILD (1) OA-10 Thunderbolt 2
FAIRCHILD (1) A-10 Thunderbolt 2

FAIRCHILD A-10 Thunderbolt 2

FAIRCHILD A-10 Thunderbolt 2 FAIRCHILD A-10 Thunderbolt 2 3D

Image source: IANS


The A-10 Thunderbolt II is an American single-seat, twin-engine, straight-wing jet aircraft developed by Fairchild-Republic in the early 1970s. The A-10 was designed for a United States Air Force requirement to provide close air support (CAS) for ground forces by attacking tanks, armoured vehicles, and other ground targets with a limited air interdiction capability. It is the first U.S. Air Force aircraft designed exclusively for close air support.


Aircraft name A-10 Thunderbolt 2
ICAO code/WTC A10 / M
Manufacturer FAIRCHILD
Type code/APC L2J / C

Technical Data

Wing span 17.5 m57.415 ft
Length 16.5 m54.134 ft
Height 4.5 m14.764 ft
Powerplant 2 x 40.3 kN GE TF 34 - GE 100 high bypass turbofans.
Engine model General Electric TF34

Performance Data

Take-Off Initial Climb
(to 5000 ft)
Initial Climb
(to FL150)
Initial Climb
(to FL240)
MACH Climb Cruise Initial Descent
(to FL240)
(to FL100)
Approach Landing
V2 (IAS) 140 kts IAS 170 kts IAS 300 kts IAS 300 kts MACH 0.63 TAS 300 kts MACH 0.67 IAS 300 kts IAS 250 kts Vth (IAS) 140 kts
Distance 1200 m ROC 6000 ft/min ROC 2400 ft/min ROC 2400 ft/min ROC 2000 ft/min MACH 0.58 ROD 5000 ft/min ROD 5000 ft/min MCS kts Distance 610 m
MTOW 22700 kg Ceiling FL340 ROD 1500 ft/min APC C
WTC M Range 540 NM

Accidents & Serious Incidents involving A10

None on SKYbrary

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