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2.2 Designation of MET providers

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Category: ANSPs - Designation and Arrangements - Checklist ANSPs - Designation and Arrangements
Content source: European Commission European Commission
Legal References

Article 9 of Regulation (EC) No 550/2004(SPR), as amended by Regulation (EC) No 1070/2009 (SES II);

In relation to Articles 2.25 and 10 of Regulation (EC) No 550/2004 (FR);

Important note: All items shown in bold text indicate either mandatory regulatory requirements or actions in relation to such requirements.

Designation of MET service provider(s) in a FAB

  • MS in a FAB may designate one or several providers of meteorological services to supply all or part of the meteorological data on an exclusive basis in all or part of the airspace under their responsibility, taking into account safety considerations.
    • MS concerned should accept the safety considerations in support of designation of MET providers before making such designation.
      • Safety considerations may be developed by the concerned provider(s) with consultation of other FAB stakeholders; MS may opt to establish specific responsibilities and tasks in this regard.
    • There are no legal provisions for the designation of MET service providers in a FAB beyond the optional designation as per Article 9.1 SPR. However, MS should be aware of such designation, if any, by any of the FAB States.
      • In such case, the FAB MS may opt to make a joint designation of MET provider(s) in specific blocks of airspace in the FAB, in a similar manner as done for the joint designation of ATSPs.
  • FAB MS must immediately inform the EC and other MS of any decision taken within the framework of Article 9 SPR regarding the designation of a provider of MET services.
  • In case of designation of a MET provider, the approval of the MS concerned is required for any written agreements or equivalent legal arrangements formalising working relationships among service providers in relation to the provision of a MET service by that provider in the frame of Article 10 SPR (see also section 2.5).

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7.2.2 Designation of MET providers